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People With Passion And Purpose = Profit

Good leaders understand that people are their greatest asset.  Prioritising the needs and well-being of your people can have a remarkable impact on the organisation and your bottom line. 

In this profit-driven world, we live in today, it’s no surprise that sales, margins, shareholder return and revenue is at the forefront of most leaders’ minds.  And of course, performance and profits are essential for businesses to reinvest, innovate and grow. However, an area that can often be overlooked is not one solely found on a spreadsheet…it’s ‘people’!!

Great leaders create environments where people feel connected, where their work matters, where they can contribute and feel part of something greater. When people feel valued, trusted, and empowered, they will also feel engaged and motivated, and do their best ….to achieve the organisation’s goals and contribute to its success. When people are engaged their output is far higher than those who feel undervalued and undermined.

As a leader and CEO of 13 years, I have always aimed to create environments where people get up every day and come to work feeling safe, valued, inspired, empowered, and fulfilled, where they really love what they do and feel part of something bigger than just the seat they sit in.  I believe this has been my secret weapon and one of the biggest success factors for me as a leader. The “power of people” and the performance of people have a very real impact on business success.

People and relationships were always important to me, and I could see the impact that putting people first could make. I have never been a leader who feared my team being better, smarter, or more skilled than me – in fact, I strived for it. I believed having incredible people around me was one of my biggest advantages as a leader.

Throughout my career, I have met leaders at different levels and from different industries with fear in their eyes – scared of being outdone, outshone, or outsmarted. I always saw this as a reflection of their own insecurities.

It saddens me that in today’s world, that most people go to work each day uninspired! You might be alarmed to discover that only 15 per cent of people worldwide are engaged with their jobs?

Together we can change that by embracing a new style of leadership: one that leads with kindness, honesty, and integrity and one that acknowledges the ‘Power of People’.

What would happen if we changed the emphasis from profit to people, purpose, and passion? To me, these characteristics are the foundations for creating organisations that will not only survive but thrive in the future.

That does not mean profit is not important; of course, it is.

Profit is an essential resource for any organisation; however, I believe the will of the people is just as essential, and if you look after the people the profits will follow.

People with Purpose and Passion = Profit 

Here are 10 quick tips on how to create an environment that empowers and engages the ‘POWER OF PEOPLE?

  • Let people know their work matters and how it impacts the bigger picture.
  • Be open to ideas and suggestions from people at all levels.
  • Create open lines of communication and value people’s feedback.
  • Encourage collaboration.
  • Celebrate diversity.
  • Recognise great performance.
  • Give everyone a voice.
  • Encourage autonomy throughout the team.
  • Recognise individuals are experts in their field
  • Create environments of growth and development.

Research shows that organisations where ‘people’ feel engaged are 21% more profitable.

Throughout my 30-year career truly embracing the ‘Power of People’ leads to increased productivity, builds trust, drives engagement, boost morale, improves performance, allows for innovative thinking, and very importantly retains great talent.  Embracing the ‘Power of People’ is what can give you and your organisation a competitive advantage.

Written by Colleen Callander.

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