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A Guide to Becoming a Medical Doctor in China

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Being a medical practitioner in China is not an easy task. The demand for a career has started to decline in recent years. But in the face of the current pandemic that we are facing, the demand for doctors has increased manifold. There are a number of universities that offer the course for a student willing to undertake the responsibility that comes with being a doctor.

If you are someone who finds their interest aligned with the topic of this article then read on. Here, we are going to talk about what it takes to become a doctor in the world’s most populated country. Agreed, the task is not simple but if navigated correctly then a respectable and illustrious career awaits you.

  1. Learn the language
    Living in a country and pursuing a profession there, you need to know the mother tongue of the place. As a doctor, your job would require you to get in touch with, talk, interact and communicate with the native speakers of the language. Of course, you can use English (a widely accepted medium of communication internationally) but you can cash that advantage on in big, cosmopolite cities. When talking with the local population of a small town, you will require knowledge of Mandarin Chinese. Apart from your professional requirements, the knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is essential for studying or working in China. Better start early and learn it in time for your graduation!

  2. Graduate from a Chinese Medical College
    China has allowed foreign students to come to the country and take admission in its educational institutes. It would be to your advantage to finish your degree from a Chinese college or university. It would endow you with several benefits. For starters, you would have better credibility and recognition with the people of the city. Everyone is familiar with the prominent colleges of their country. Coming in from a different country, chances are slim that people are familiar with your institution. Unless you graduate from Ivy League colleges, you are better suited to completing your degree in China where along with quality education, you also gain firsthand knowledge of the work scenario.

  3. Residency
    After finishing your medical school (five years), you need to take up residency. As a resident doctor, you choose the area you want to specialize in. The residency period in China for medical students is two or three years. The number of years you serve depends on the specialization you take up. Getting into residency takes clearing another exam. You can choose to pursue your specialization in the school you graduated from or take up a course in another institute of your choosing. Getting a specialization is also a matter of the rank that you secure. Your academic history and your dedication to it constitute an important factor in securing the future you want.

  4. Earning your medical license
    The Ministry of Health conducts the National Medical Licensing Examination. To earn your license to practice medicine, you have to clear this examination. There are two ways you can take this paper – the first being at the end of your residency and the second being as an incoming doctor from a foreign nation. In either case, the Ministry of Health demands that you be a trained professional. Having stayed vigilant in your studies, you need not worry about it. This examination is conducted to determine your competency in practicing medicine. Having a private practice or working in a Chinese hospital, both are dependent upon you securing this license.

  5. Finding work in China
    As a medical practitioner who has graduated from one of the nation’s universities, you already hold all the required documents necessary to start your practice. But as an incoming foreign-trained doctor you need to apply for a work visa. After that, for further recognition, you need to apply to the Health Administrative Department which is in charge of the hospital or state that you plan on working in. All these checks and measures are put into place to judge the suitability of your candidature and the merit of your claim. Having completed all these processes, you are now ready to begin a long and fruitful medical career in China.

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