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Always Remember These 5 Things Before Choosing A Hair Dresser!

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When it comes to choosing a hairdresser, you should proceed in the same manner that you would do for a job offer – do all the research before committing. People don’t change their hairdressers just as often as they change their tailors, which is in a long time! Exercising all due diligence will go a long way in improving your hairstyle and maintaining the health of your scalp.

And it is best if you choose not to listen to your office colleague or neighbor on this one. A trick or a parlor may have worked for them but it does not necessarily mean that it is going to do the same for you. Go through the following five points before you make any decision about choosing a hairdresser.

  1. Know your face shape and hair texture
    By this time you must be conscious of the fact that as human beings, most of us have different bone structures and that we cannot all look or craft our shape the way we want to. The same goes for your hair, your genetics and other hereditary factors go a long way in deciding the type of hair you get. Having proper awareness about these two things enables you to choose a hairstyle that will look good on you. Faces are of different shapes – round, oval, square, oblong, etc. similarly, you have hair that is curly, straight, thin, matted, etc. you can make a lot many styles when you combine these two categories. A well-trained hairdresser will be able to suggest the look that suits you the best depending on your hair and face type.
  2. Maintenance and other expenses
    Before you opt for a hairstyle, you have to be honest about the effort that you would be willing to put into its maintenance. Some hairstyles require a lot more than others to keep up with. If you are someone who is always going out and meeting friends for a late lunch after then you will probably not be left with a lot of time to attend to the needs of your hair. Opt for some style that not only looks good on but also does not require a lot of maintenance. Being realistic is always the best way to go about a hairstyle. On the other hand, if you are ready to put in the work necessary for maintaining an expensive hairdo then you open the doors to several rich options.
  3. Make a list of pointers for the salon
    Before you go to your hairdresser, make a list of pointers that you want to share with your hairdresser. If you are someone who has never had the opportunity to indulge in exclusive hair care before, then you are going to come up short when they ask for your opinion. And don’t worry, they love to chat, you won’t overdo it by sharing some information.
  4. When in doubt, consult!
    Know that your hairdresser is not just in charge of cutting your hair, he/she will also be happy to take some time out for a consultation if you need it. And you should do so. If you cannot decide for yourself the style that will look good on you then you can carry pictures as a reference of the kind of look you want and work it out with your hairdresser. This will help in ensuring that you get a proper cut and maintain the health of your scalp. As you gradually move ahead, you will realize that getting a consultation has helped you in maintaining a hairstyle that goes with your lifestyle.
  5. Research the salon
    There are some details that you need to get together walking into a salon. The price list is something that you should look at before deciding upon a haircut, you don’t want to haggle afterward with the stylist. Any small particulars that you need to be worked out should be decided beforehand. Also, don’t feel hesitant about asking the hairdresser for his/her qualifications. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know where your money would be going. If they are well-educated and well-trained in their craft, they would not take this in the wrong manner. Questions such as these will help you in establishing better relations and gaining a better understanding of your hairdresser.
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