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6 Things to Remember When Starting a Club at University

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Starting a club at your university is both rewarding and exciting. There are many things that you benefit from, apart from the obvious career boost! You can advertise in all the circles you wish to be known in and reap bonus points when the time comes. Even campuses encourage this as they know it is going to benefit all their students in some way or the other. However, there are also some things that you should keep in mind before taking that plunge. In the present article, we are going over the six things that you should know before starting a club at your university.

  1. Gauge the interest of the group
    This will serve as the baseline for your club. Before taking the big step, you must get to know the feasibility of your club. Ask around your campus and talk to people interested in the same idea about what you are thinking. It is important to know that people are interested in a similar idea before you decide to make it official. Make use of social media and reach out to as many people as you can.
  2. Sponsorship is essential for a club
    After finalizing the idea of the club you need to know the how of it. Most universities require some sort of faculty supervision over the finances and the functioning of the club. Decide upon a faculty member that you would be approaching for the job. It is better if you find these things out beforehand; otherwise, they will hinder the functioning and formation of your club. Also, write down the requirements of finance and mentorship that you would require from the concerned faculty supervisor. Depending upon the type of club you form, your supervisor should share the same interest.
  3. The mission and vision of the club
    Before you lay the foundation of the club the mission and the vision of the club should be clear to you. Before making efforts to change the situation you are targeting, write down the plan that you have come up with. You will be asked about the purpose of the club and how it will benefit the students of the college, it is better if you have the answer prepared beforehand. These things also serve as a guiding light for the functioning of the club.
  4. Have a structure of the club
    A university club is very different from the ones that we have in society but it still helps to have a structure about it. There are a few key posts that you have to fill up for the smooth functioning of the club. These key members are the ones that ensure that the club lives on and functions per its mission. Examples of key positions could be – the president of the club, the speaker of the club who will serve as the public face of the group, a treasurer, a planning committee, etc.
  5. Handling the official part of the job
    At some point, you will have to handle the official site of the business too. It consists of meeting with the faculty, the university officials and explaining the functioning of your club and if money is involved, then how and where it will be spent. read the functioning of your club like you would do at a job, be professional about it, and always aim for productivity and results. However, it is also important to keep in mind that this is a student activity and thus it is important to award enthusiasm and let individual talent shine in the group.
  6. The promotion and continuity of your club
    Along with everything, it is important to promote your club and attract new members to it regularly. If you decide on making your cub too exclusive then chances are that it will dry out after the first few months of your functioning. The best way to get your message across is to spread the word on social media and share posters throughout your campus. Keep cordial terms with all the members of the club and welcome new talent where you spot one. Forming and running a club requires both dedication and energy so you must keep yourself motivated too!
Alexandra Dimitropoulou

Alexandra Dimitropoulou

VP and News Editor
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