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5 Top Universities with Best Courses In Geology

The core of the Earth

Geology is a vastly underestimated subject. We fail to grasp the importance that it plays in our daily life. The lifestyle that we have grown so accustomed to will not have been possible without the knowledge of Geology. From construction to water management, to construction, everything has been made possible with the help of geology.

Pursuing advanced studies in any trait always comes with the responsibility of advancing its knowledge. And as a student of geology, you need not only books but also labs to test it, document it, and publish it. In the present article, we are going to talk about the five top universities who are best equipped to handle the subject and provide an excellent opportunity academically too.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
    MIT is known as the hub for information technology and artificial intelligence but its capabilities are not limited to only those two. When it comes to geology, MIT is better equipped with a number of laboratories and world-class testing areas for its students. MIT applies its expertise in technology to creating real-life simulations of natural phenomenon that help students understand the subject on a basic level. As an academic institute, MIT offers everything an aspiring student could want. Here, you get to enjoy a rich cultural life along with studies. The college also receives generous grants from its alumni; contributions that have helped it to prosper and grow.

  2. University of Cambridge, UK
    Cambridge has a natural charm when it comes to its colleges. The physical sciences division is renowned for its legacy (as it is well over five hundred years old). Apart from its faculty, the academic history of the college makes it one of the best places to be for a geology student. Cambridge has libraries where you can find almost any book that you look for, as a student, it does not get any better than this! With reputed faculty members as a guide and eminent geologists as guest speakers, knowledge flows free. If you aim to publish a paper or become an academician in the subject then this is where you should be at.

  3. Harvard University, USA
    Harvard lags in no way when it comes to funding, and it has put those funds to good use. It has state-of-the-art laboratories and libraries. Its labs and libraries are so huge that you can live there for a few days without missing your home, and they are filled with the promise of research! Harvard publishes a vast number of Geology research papers every year. These budding geologists are hailed for their scientific breakthroughs. Constriction companies and global conglomerates are amongst the top recruiters of these Harvard graduates, they then plan innovative solutions for modern architectural problems based on their papers and thus, Harvard helps them to successfully make the transition from theory to reality.

  4. University of Oxford, UK
    Oxford is a case study in itself for any geology student. You get to witness so many architectural wonders that you can’t help but think about the role geology must have played in the construction of these buildings. Even poets have written odes to the beauty of Oxford but that’s just one reason to be here! As a student, you stand to gain so much more. Like all other universities on the list, Oxford is home to some of the best libraries and laboratories in the world. But the rich history of the place means that it has an academic depth like no other (Oxford is the world’s oldest English-speaking university). Even some of the faculties at other prominent institutes have obtained their degrees here before they became famous in their present roles.

  5. Stanford University, USA
    The School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences at Stanford is situated on one of the largest campuses in the USA. Coupled with an excellent student-teacher ratio, every student here (pursuing geology as an academic discipline) has the opportunity and space to run their research. These students are funded based on the merit and implications of their research. Stanford is also an excellent option if you wish to become a scientist. With a steady flow of funding from sponsors and encouragement from peers, you can finally give shape to your vision. There are also world-class workshops to keep your interests stimulated.

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