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With jobs set to disappear, here’s the 5 key skills you need to make a career pivot

As a result of social distancing, lockdowns, isolations and the increase of virtual communication during COVID, our jobs have already changed and future jobs will never be the same. Over the next few years some jobs will ‘disappear’, but most are likely to be redesigned thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and the rapid changes in technology.

So, which jobs will be impacted? Post-pandemic, all jobs will be redesigned. It’s the evolution of our now very rapid tech-driven times. Medical staff, teachers, accountants, brokers, even judges. Those to disappear, though? Assuming ‘remote work’ is to remain in dominance, any job closely tied to an office is due to transform. Receptionists, office managers, administrators will all be affected. As we continue to work remotely, people will become more self-sufficient, and the reliance upon the administrator for rudimentary tasks will significantly decrease.

Other industries such as retail, travel, and hospitality will adjust to survive. We already witnessed the change at airport check-ins, with automation and a roaming human to assist. Before we become too anxious, though, consider our postal service. Not long ago, the job of the ‘post person’ was all but extinct! Who posts letters anymore? Technology through online shopping created an opportunity, and our lockdowns escalated it, putting our postal service into overdrive. We now have a traditional service working alongside retail’s most significant disruptor.

If your job is destined to disappear or be redefined, the good news is every job utilises YOUR skills. These transferable skills don’t belong to the job; they belong to you!  Let’s take a look at the 5 key skills you need to make a career pivot:

  1. Adaptable. Adjusting and responding quickly to your new circumstances and environment. Be the person who embraces and leads the charge. To quickly capture value, businesses rely on future-oriented employees, who are flexible to adjust to changes. Having your mindset attuned to the ‘upside’ and not be caught in the past. Move where the trends are going, not where they used to be.
  2. Learning attribute. Nurture your curiosity, dig deeper and re-evaluate previous opinions. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding. Surface level learning at a quick cursory click of a button won’t suffice. Learning will ensure you have a constant growth mindset and provide confidence in your abilities. Curiosity and learning enrich your mind to accept change and embrace the future.
  3. Initiative. Your initiative is closely linked to the learning attribute, enhancing and stretching your capabilities and potential. It creates value for organisations and will assist you to be more problem solving oriented. A hybrid working environment has less guidance; thus, initiative will be crucial in remaining employable. It also builds confidence and assists with your self-sufficiency.
  4. Self-awareness. The gold bullion of skills. Self-awareness incorporates your emotional intelligence, your ability to take on feedback and helps you to build self-confidence. Strong self-awareness has always been a key life skill and, in the future, will be worth its weight in gold. This will be valuable not just for leaders but all employees. It’s your ability to see yourself as others perceive you and is essential for your empowerment. For leadership roles, it will unlock your potential and that of others.
  5. Communication skills. This is more than talking and listening. A skilled communicator can quickly defuse a situation by the tone, pace, pitch, and timing of the conversation. An effective communicator can lead, influence, negotiate, sell, manage, and do much more.

Many jobs will be redesigned and redefined and indeed some will disappear. By developing your transferable skills and attributes further, you will be in a prime position to take charge and transit with ease to the next natural place.

Written by Roxanne Calder.

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Roxanne Calder
Roxanne Calder, the author of ‘Employable – 7 Attributes to Assuring Your Working Future’ (Major Street $29.95), is the founder and managing director of EST10 – one of Sydney’s most successful administration recruitment agencies. Roxanne is passionate about uncovering people’s potential and watching their careers soar.

Roxanne Calder is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow her on LinkedIn.