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Interested in a career in data science? Here are 5 things you should know about Data Science

Career in data science

This is the 21st century, and the job of a data scientist has only become more relevant than ever. Companies have been actively hiring data scientists who can help them analyze data about their customers or competitors. Business is driving the world, and businesses cannot drive on their own. A business works on data—a lot of it—and such data needs careful evaluation. Data scientists, hence, have become some of the most sought-after professionals in the world right now. But, this begs a question: what exactly is data science anyway? Is it just analysis of the data or more than that?

To understand how a data scientist works, we will have to understand what data science is all about. I am sure there are many readers out there who are interested in a career in data science. But, before you make an active decision about it, it is advised that you read a little about it here. Brush up on what you should expect as a data scientist so that life is easier.

Here are 5 things about data science you should know.

  1. Take Coding Very Seriously
    You do not have to be exceptional at coding; just be good enough to code. Data science is about extracting and analyzing data and applying the obtained knowledge in practical scenarios. Inevitably, coding becomes indispensable. There is a good range of coding languages for you to consider, from Python to Julia. Do not try learning all of them because you will only learn in pieces. Instead, focus on one or two and try mastering them. You should strongly consider obtaining certification in them which will only authenticate your skills as a coder and a good data scientist.

  1. You will need to know statistics
    Statistics is, generally, not a very popular area. Personally, I never liked it but those who are going to be data scientists will have to settle with the fact that it is inseparable from your career. One thing that might bring some relief is that you do not have to have an advanced degree in statistics. All you are required to do is to work on certain topics that directly operate in the world of data science. These topics include statistical analysis, inferential statistics, and descriptive statistics. You might want to take classes on these concepts if at all you have been unable to get a grasp on them.

  1. You will need communication skills
    It might have occurred to you that data scientists do desk jobs and they are really not expected to communicate very often. So long as they are submitting their reports that should be all. NO! That wouldn’t be all. Data science is complicated, even to those with a degree in it. You have assessed data, coded, and made reports but not everyone can understand the technicalities of programming. Your higher-ups might end up needing some assistance in understanding the report. Therein, you will have to use your communication skills. You must be able to disseminate information in layman’s language as well. Are shipment numbers increasing? Don’t use your codes; just say yes, no, or whatever that can simplify their understanding.

  1. Data science can be tiring
    You may have mastered languages and can code in them anytime. Yet, you could end up spending hours to get your results. Data science is interdisciplinary in nature which means just coding won’t help. It will require the intersection of a range of activities with the data such as informatics, statistics, and whatnot. This means you will have to work under pressure at times and wait longer than expected to see results. So, if you are going there for easy money, then you are not going to be very happy.

  1. There is so much learning
    This is just a final note on the topic. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and you will have to keep up with it. More computational languages are emerging, and you might end up hopping from one to another. Data science keeps improving, and if at all you are serious about it, then you should be ready to learn as much as there is. Learn to independently solve problems, read as much as you can, be aware of the latest technological developments and industry standards, and you should be fine!

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