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Tips for Students Studying In Taiwan For a better experience

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Undoubtedly, Taiwanese Higher Education is rated quite highly in the world. It has to offer internationally acclaimed institutions, generous support systems, well-crafted degree programs, a friendly local environment, and guidance from some of the best faculties in the world. All in all, anyone who decides to come to Taiwan will have a thriving educational experience. But, is that all one needs to know to study here? Of course, not. As you can guess, we are going to venture into the world of Taiwan and its Higher Education system. In this article, I will offer you 5 tips that will help you have an enriching experience in the country. Many of these tips are obvious, but I will remind you of them anyway because humans are forgetful creatures.

So, without further ado, here are 5 tips for studying in Taiwan.

  1. Information about its best universities
    Of course, you cannot travel all the way to Taiwan without reading about its universities and their standing among the world’s finest. You will be glad to know that there are as many as 21 Taiwanese universities that have been consistently and highly ranked in international rankings.

  2. Language
    There may be linguistic barriers in the country, but most universities offer quite a few courses in English. In case, however, you are not a native speaker of English, then you will have to submit proof of proficiency. A score of TOEFL or IELTS should be enough. That being said, you must contact your university and ensure that you meet language proficiency requirements. For example, several postgraduate programs require that applicants should have done their under-graduation in English; if not, alternative options are also available to those who haven’t done their under-graduation in English. Note that the better a university is ranked, the better score of TOEFL or IELTS is expected. So, take due note of the requirements at your university.

  3. Tuition fees
    Fortunately, you will find tuition fees in Taiwan quite reasonable. Unlike the universities and colleges in the west, you wouldn’t have to sell off your property to pay for your education here. Over here, you will get a good education and in consideration of a reasonable sum of money. To give you some idea, undergraduate courses here cost around $1,600-$3,000 a year. In case you are interested in a research degree program, then expect to shell out around $4,000-$5,000. Of course, these estimates are tuition fee restricted. There are other expenses you may end up making such as admission fees, accommodation fees, etc. Still, all in all, the financial burden won’t be too great. Nevertheless, consider getting a scholarship in case you want to support your education without many financial stressors.

  4. Amazing at technology
    If you are interested in technology and want to pursue education in the same, then Taiwan is the place for you. The world knows the technological feats the country has achieved. Its universities perform the best on the engineering and technology front. Its economy is reliant on the technological innovations carried out from time to time, evident from the exemplary research output, multinational companies, and technologically sound universities. Moreover, you will end up being a part of the most employable group of graduates in the world doesn’t this sound cool?

  5. A very friendly local culture
    You can have the best education in most places, but friendly culture is very limitedly found in the world. There are many highly advanced countries that are still wary of foreigners and treat them as second-grade individuals. Taiwan, however, does not fall into this category. Undoubtedly, it is a highly advanced economy but it is super friendly and adjustable. It is comparatively inexpensive and has developed an outward, modern environment that welcomes foreigners. Homesickness is a real thing, and it can be stressful for international students. Having a friendly and approachable environment is a boon to the international student community. So, regardless of where you want to study in the country, you are given a healthy, forward-looking, and responsive environment.

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