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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Business Dialing Software

As an entrepreneur, you know that efficiency is key to ensuring the smooth running and profitability of your business. As such, you’d want to include some features into your business system that’ll make your venture more profitable—for example, a business dialing software. Such software enables you to improve your communication with partners and clients without necessarily having to bring in a dedicated workforce. This article presents five ways to make the most of your business dialing software.

  1. Track your calls
    Tracking your business calls helps you get comprehensive reports on metrics such as call volume, call duration, first-time versus returning callers, time of the day the calls are made, location of the callers, and the specific advertising campaign that influenced the call. Analysis of these metrics can help you improve your business in more ways than one. (1)

    For instance, if you’re operating online taxi services, tracking calls will enable you to know when the greatest number of calls come through. If it’s in the morning during the rush hour when most people are going to work, you can increase the number of taxis deployed at this particular time so you don’t let down any clients.

    Also, you can collect data on word usage from customer calls and make a list of the words that consistently yield conversions. Afterward, you can coach the customer service agents on how to improve their communication and boost conversion rates by using such words in their conversations with customers.  Thus, when you go shopping for business dialing software, make a point of getting a system that has sophisticated call tracking capabilities, such as Power-Dialer.

  2. Integrate CRM applications
    Customer relationship management (CRM) applications help you collect, organize, and analyze customers’ data, which you obtain from various sources, such as their social media profiles or through customer interactions. You can use such data to improve the following aspects of your business:

    # Workflow automation
    # Sales automation
    # Lead generation
    # Marketing
    # Customer service
    # Business reporting
    # Analytics (2)

    Given that your business dialing software is a key source of customer data, you’d want to integrate it with your preferred CRM tool. This way, any data you collect using your dialing software is directly fed into the CRM app for further analysis. Such an approach is very convenient and time-saving for you. It would be quite bothersome and time-consuming if your dialing software was a completely separate entity from the CRM tool, such that you have to manually transfer data from one software to the other.

  3. Use the screen pop-up feature
    This is an amazing feature that comes with most auto-dialing software. Just like your smartphone lights up with basic caller information when a call comes through, the screen pop-up feature does the same and even more.

    It provides the receiver with details such as the name of the caller, previous interactions between the caller and the business, their geographical location, ZIP code, and more. Such details inspire confidence in the call receiver, and they can proceed to speak with the caller boldly. They’ll address the customer with a considerable degree of familiarity, and that’s part of what influences customers to make a purchase decision.

    Take the example of an emergency response team that receives a call from a distressed person. By instantly seeing their exact geographical location, the team can directly get down to the business of saving the caller rather than spending more time than is necessary to get such details from the caller. In this same sense, you can use the screen pop-up feature in your dialing software to your advantage.

  4. Exploit the remote working feature
    In the present world, job settings no longer have to take the traditional approach of employees checking in at the office on a daily basis. With a constant rise in work-from-home setups, you may want to follow suit and make your business as dynamic as the others. Indeed, according to Forbes, 64% of millennials and 66% of gen X and baby boomers prefer working from home occasionally. (3)

    Considering these upper-percentile figures, you’d want to allow such flexibility at your workplace. But you’ll need to improve your business IT systems to ensure a seamless workflow for your work-from-home and on-the-go employees. This is where the remote working feature comes in.

    A dialing software with this feature allows your employees to attend to customer calls and keep the business running, no matter their present location. Be sure your team members will like it, given that no one likes to be confined behind their desks throughout the day. The result is an enhanced manager-employee relationship, which is key in improving productivity.

  5. Add customer privacy protection
    Your customers give you confidential information on a daily basis and they rely on you to protect their privacy. You can never compromise this trust. Otherwise, the long arm of the law will have you penalized for the breach of the privacy policy. And if not the law, your current and potential customers may not conduct any further business with you if they realize your systems don’t offer adequate security to sensitive information exchanged over the phone.

    Consider that 68 records are stolen or lost every second globally, and that the average cost per stolen or lost record is USD$150. If you don’t put the necessary security measures in place, you’ll bring unwarranted costs to your business and your customers. (4)

    For this reason, make sure the dialing software you use has sophisticated security measures to safeguard customer data privacy. Investing in such software improves your brand image, as your clients feel safe whenever doing business with you.


There are several helpful features in business dialing software that you can make use of. Top on the list are call tracking, CRM integration, screen pop-up, remote working, and security features. Do make a point of utilizing all these features for the good of your business. For any feature you don’t know how to use, you can always talk it out with the service provider. The ultimate goal is to make your business communications as effective as possible.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - 5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Business Dialing Software
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