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Enhance Retention With Employee Satisfaction Survey Software

In recent years, companies have focused intently on delivering a better employee experience in an effort to retain highly skilled employees capable of delivering top-notch work and staying ahead of the competition. Thanks to the increased attention paid to employee retention, many companies have turned to software systems to gauge how to better create an environment in which talent will choose to work long term. This is where employee satisfaction survey software comes into play.

Gathering candid feedback can make the difference between failure and success. The use of survey software designed to measure employee satisfaction is superior to antiquated methods of data collection for the following reasons: increased employee participation, real-time feedback and qualitatively better data.

Give Employees a Voice

According to a report by the Society for Human Resource Management, employees identified the following elements as the top contributors to job satisfaction:

  1. respect from coworkers and managers alike
  2. pay and benefits
  3. trust between employees and senior management
  4. job stability
  5. feeling as though one’s skills are put to use on the job

For any of these points to be properly addressed, employees should have access to a platform on which they can voice their concerns. HR departments can quickly become overloaded, and delays in remediate action lead to a reduction in employee trust. Software can generate surveys specifically designed for the organization in question to examine employee attitudes. Frequent chances to provide feedback and voice complaints is a great way to ensure that every employee’s input is taken into account.

Providing a platform on which employees feel they have a voice and that they are being heard is critical in addressing employee satisfaction and, ultimately, retention.

Better understand your team

To properly address problems, having the right data is invaluable. Traditional survey handouts can provide some information, but the quantity of data collected by traditional methods pales in comparison to what survey software can collect.

More importantly, the quality of the data is superior. Survey software utilizes the expertise of professional psychologists specialized in workplace dynamics, providing managers with a more in-depth and holistic understanding of their organization.

Moreover, survey software makes compilation of this data quick and easy to comprehend. Not only does the software collect information on the organization as a whole, but also on each individual, giving insight into what the most pressing problems are.

Immediate feedback means immediate action

Providing platforms to voice complaints and gathering information on the satisfaction level of employees is well and good, but it is all for naught if the information is not translated into action and policy.

The speed at which survey software can compile data into usable information allows employers to act quickly and decisively. The rate at which management responds and reacts to complaints will influence an employee’s sentiments on whether they are being listened to. This can make the difference between retaining and losing talent.

Survey software increases the chances of employee retention by fostering feelings of inclusion, providing pertinent data and increasing the speed at which data can be processed and made sense of.

The end goal here is to prevent regrettable and costly turnover. It can be a powerful tool in fostering a work environment of belonging and inclusion in which talented people will stay for the long term.

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