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Spotlight: Krishen Iyer, California-based Entrepreneur and MAIS Consulting CEO

Based out of Southern California, Krishen Iyer is an entrepreneur working at the local level in the Fresno area but is known and respected on the larger stage in his field, focusing on insurance and insurance-related products and services.

Krishen Iyer Quickly Launched a Successful Career Out of College

After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Urban Development, Krishen Iyer launched his career in the insurance industry and founded his first company in 2009 called MNP Insurance, also known as Name My Premium. The company’s success and rapid growth ensured its 2015 inclusion in the coveted Inc. 5000 list.

Seeking and Creating New Opportunities

Krishen Iyer had plenty of energy and ideas to spare and became the founder and CEO of Managed Benefit Services (MBS), which was originally known as Quick Link Marketing. As a licensed insurance agency and marketing firm, MBS maintains a combination of insurance and marketing goals, working with its clients to provide specialized insurance services and generate leads for their businesses. MBS continues to use a quality analytical process to generate leads to attract and secure new clients.

Iyer understands the value of online marketing and grasps how vital the insurance industry is and the many products and services that clients need.

Krishen Iyer’s Latest Venture: CEO of MAIS Consulting

Krishen Iyer has once again decided to rely on his knowledge of and experience in lead generation to support his involvement in the purchase, operation, development, and sale of a growing list of businesses in the unique insurance field. Not one to wait for a new opportunity, Iyer has launched MAIS Consulting. In this licensing agency, he now devotes himself to leading his team in providing services to businesses in marketing, contracting, strategic development, and establishing core operating policies.

He isn’t short-sighted, understanding the need for a balanced combination of business profits and customer satisfaction. Krishen Iyer and his partners work based on a foundation of transparency and regular communication. Iyer often schedules phone calls or in-person meetings with clients, then spends the rest of the day seeking meaningful, actionable, and profitable solutions for them.

Krishen Iyer believes in a symbiotic relationship with his clients, translating to the idea that his ensuring their success helps support his own, along with his team members and MAIS’s success. He sees himself and his partners as business mentors to companies trying to achieve a new level of success. With that in mind, Iyer is selective about the clients that MAIS takes on, dubbing them as “choosy.” He wants to ensure that he has the expertise, time, and resources to give each company the time, energy, and appropriate guidance they deserve. He wants to give it his all, dedicating his effort to helping clients achieve their desired outcomes.

With its headquarters in Encinitas, California, it’s natural that MAIS Consulting provides support to top insurance clients in the area. Still, Krishen Iyer and his team increasingly sign clients from across the U.S. to identify contracting and marketing strategy issues that need solutions. Iyer looks at each client relationship as unique, focusing on their specific needs, developing new policies and campaigns that will help achieve measurable goals, including enhanced digital media exposure and increased profit margins. Iyer has his sights set on becoming the top consultancy group in the area of contracting and marketing.

Why Are Krishen Iyer’s Skills and Professional Philosophy Essential for His Clients’ Success?

For most of his life, and especially the past two decades of his career, Krishen Iyer has been and remains a curious and determined person. He takes his curiosity and turns it into action and innovation to boost and improve his business and exceed the needs and expectations of his clients.

Perhaps most importantly, Krishen Iyer has and uses strong management skills lacking in many corporate sectors today. Along with his energy, inquisitiveness, and innovation, his management capabilities serve as a core function that most businesses would love to find in their CEOs and other leaders. Iyer embodies these abilities, using them to help his clients thrive and achieve their organizational vision.

The same intellectual curiosity also leads him to seek out and adopt new technological endeavors, especially where data is concerned. Krishen Iyer is excited about the readily available and precise marketing analytics available to business leaders. Such detailed data analytics has the power to help him and his team refine their approach to achieve precision results for their clients at a faster rate. He believes that data collection and analysis are crucial components in developing precise strategies for growth and reducing risk.

A Balanced Life to Supports Business Endeavors

Krishen Iyer believes in living a full life with family, friends, social activities, and philanthropic efforts. As a well-rounded person who considers himself a man of the people, Iyer appreciates his success. It allows him to spend time serving charitable organizations, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Wounded Warrior. He has also provided relief assistance to areas struck by natural disasters.

At the foundation of it all is Krishen Iyer’s family, whom he loves and treasures. He works hard to ensure that they never feel set aside during his work-oriented pursuits. He feels a blissful balance between his home life, hobbies, and a professional passion for finance and marketing.

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