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5 Key Qualities Of Every Leader Should Have

Every society or organization has leaders at the helm of affairs that ensure its smooth running. While some people are born with leadership skills, others learn the attributes of being a good leader. However, it doesn’t matter whether a person is born with leadership qualities or acquired them, the most important thing is that these qualities are applied skillfully.

Leadership roles come in all forms, it could be leading a small team of specialists or managing a multinational organization. Whatever leadership position is occupied, you must realize that leading does not come easily. To be a great leader, you must learn to exercise these qualities

  1. Communication
    One of the qualities of a good leader is effective communication. Effective and frequent communication is important because it helps you identify problems within your organization quickly.

    Communication helps to manage and coordinate initiatives, and build trust within your team or organization. A leader should communicate based on the needs and preferences of their team members and will listen and understand the team member’s experience.

    Some of the best ways to build a culture of good communication include conducting frequent meetings with employees, providing a good formal and informal feedback system, using multiple communication tools, such as email, chat, project management software, and meetings, to mention but a few.

  2. Vision
    A good leader must be focused on growth and envision progress for the organization. You must have a clear vision and should be able to express your thoughts for a better future. The leader must be able to connect the present work and plans to a provide better picture and give solid reasons for everything they need to achieve this vision. Leaders who can do this usually help their followers understand the process and align their abilities strategically to engage everyone and achieve meaningful goals?
  3. Accountability
    One key quality of a good leader is accountability. Good leaders hold themselves accountable for their actions and inactions, and they are willing to improve when at fault. Accountability and continual improvement require seeking and acting on feedback, learning from mistakes, and course correcting.

    Being accountable includes communicating well, setting expectations, and following up on promised actions. This brings reliability and trust among the leaders and the team.

  4. Appreciation
    A good leader must always show gratitude to his team after a particular goal has been achieved. The act of complimenting the team and celebrating wins can greatly boost confidence. And leaders who appreciate the little things will always inspire team members to do more and push further.
  5. Resilience
    The depth of a good leader is not how they perform during good times, but how they handle and scale through difficult times. Great leaders with positive mindsets must lead by example and encourage their team no matter how difficult the situation is. This inherent positivity will bring a calm situation and a positive vibe back to the team. This in turn helps the team function in a collected manner and focus on solutions rather than worrying about the problems.

One thing to note is that being an exemplary leader takes more than just these five qualities. Even when these qualities are achieved, it demands constant practice and perseverance to attain success as a leader. “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” -John F. Kennedy

Written by Tony M Fountain.

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Tony M Fountain
Tony M Fountain is a musician, writer, and entrepreneur originally from Gordon, Georgia. Upon leaving Full Sail University for Music business management, Tony founded Now Entertainment in 2011 as a studio & label imprint and transitioned into artist development. After working with several known artists and writing for several publications, Tony later decided to transform Now Entertainment into a hip-hop-based magazine & podcast. He then authored a book titled Secrets of the Music Business: How Not to Get F’d as an Entrepreneur with a Dream, published in March 2021 to further assist aspiring musicians.

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