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CEO Spotlight: Why Exuma Will See a Surge in Tourism and Real Estate in the Coming Years

“Exuma is poised to be the next real growth opportunity for real estate and business development in the Bahamas.”

Exuma, an island south-centrally located in the Bahamas chain is known for its crystal blue waters, friendly people and its position near the tropic of cancer.

As an increasingly popular vacation spot, the island is well on its way to becoming another Turks and Caicos. Here’s how, according to real estate and property manager Dean Spychalla:

New Developments Mean More Business

The Bahamian prime minister, Hubert Minnis, recently held a ceremony in Exuma for the signing of a contract to redevelop the Exuma airport.

What does this mean for Exuma? It means the development of a tier-one airport where people from different parts of the world including Europe, Canada, Eastern United States, and South America. It will have a landing system and lasting components of a modern airport, with a new runway and taxiway.

Years ago when Turks and Caicos built their airport, the development of the islands skyrocketed—and it seems Exuma will do the same. This airport may trigger an increase of tourism which will turn profit for real estate and overall sales for the island.

Attractive Resorts

A trip to a tropical island wouldn’t be complete without a paradisiacal place to stay. You can find this with Grand Isle Resort, an award-winning resort and gated community that consists of 78 luxury homes, costing $110 million dollars.

Grand Isle Resort is home to units that are owned by individuals, and collectively rented in a rental pool. These individuals are able to use their units 3 months out of every year.

The benefits? Endless. Owning a home on Grand Isle Resort brings tax, citizenship and financial benefits. It’s a worthwhile asset that rewards buyers an incredible island lifestyle.

Emerging Markets 

Capitalizing on emerging markets is a sure way to boost tourism and real estate opportunities. One of those markets is bonefishing, a popular outdoor activity among travelers.

Currently, there aren’t too many businesses that offer this recreational activity in Exuma, but that won’t be the reality for long. Spyhcalla wants to revive this sport as part of Exuma’s tourism attractions.

Find Your Dream Home in Exuma with Dean Spychalla

Dean Spychalla is a well-known and decorated manager and real estate agent. He is the general manager and official estate agent for the Grand Isle Resort, with a #1 Google rating for hotels in the Caribbean.

He works with Better Homes and Garden MCR Bahamas to list units at Grand Isle Resort and elsewhere.

Spychalla currently holds the Bahamas Hotelier of the year award. He’s been recognized as the #1 in resort sales and marketing in the Caribbean in 2019. He served as president of the Bahamas Out Islands Promotion Board (BOIPB) for 5 years and is currently the vice president of the Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA).

Spychalla continues to set the bar high as a manager and real estate agent in Exuma. With plans to bring in more tourism to Exuma, he’s on the path to being a top-rated agent in Exuma for years to come.

If you’re looking for properties in Exuma, contact Dean Spychalla.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - CEO Spotlight: Why Exuma Will See a Surge in Tourism and Real Estate in the Coming Years
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