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Being Stingy And Why Some People Do It

Stinginess is an issue for many people and it actually never helps to improve your prestige. The sad thing about those who are unwilling to spend money is that they often try to hide it because they believe it is a bad thing. The funny part is that the harder they try to keep it a secret the more they fail and they finally get more and more exposed. Stinginess cannot be hidden since there are many aspects it involves and we will try to cover all of them today.

First of all, we have to clarify what being tight means. Being tight with money is not important if you consider that fact alone. For example, people will have a different attitude towards everything including money depending on their culture. People from different countries and religions will act in their own unique way when it comes to spending money.

It is a known fact that Americans are big spenders and an over consuming nation, for example.  It is not only the amount of money they are willing to spend but also the things they will spend them on. So, as with everything else in life in order to reach a solid conclusion we have to use the process of comparison to understand the mechanism in which some people react.

In addition, someone may not be a big spender but it is vital if they are willing to spend for others or if they only spend for themselves. There are those who don’t want to waste money and there are those who simply do not have money at all.

We cannot accuse the second category of being stingy. These people will be very giving when money comes to them and contrary to people who are used to having the money they will soon get a feeling of confidence when they gain money and therefore stop being afraid about their well-being.

Another common belief about those who are not quite eager to spend money is that they are also tight when it comes to feelings. At this point, they will either have difficulty expressing how they feel or they may even have nothing inside when it comes to that sector. This is more or less like what we described earlier. There are individuals that practically have no money and therefore they have nothing to give. The same thing happens for feelings. You cannot ask someone who has no feelings for you to show their love.

Still, some of those who do not show any deep emotions towards others may hide a treasure in their hearts. In this case, something is lost on the road of communication and they fail to express their feelings. Being afraid their love will not be responded to is an obvious reason why they may keep this attitude.

Perhaps one of the most interesting sides is stinginess? Can take has to do with how people decide to arrive on dates and their punctuality. We have all noticed that some people will never show up on time. When you call them they will tell you something urgent has happened or that they are on their way to meet you. In the meanwhile, you will have to wait for them to arrive.

This category represents the people who would rather have you waiting than taking the chance of waiting for you. They chose to be late because they simply do not want to take the risk of being stood up and sacrifice their valuable time. This makes them act in a way that seems as if they do not take into consideration the other person. Partially this is true and a way to check that is to see how they act when they have important appointments.

If you see them constantly late for work this means that they do not do this on purpose and they just cannot calculate their time properly. So, being late could be a sign that the other person is not exactly stingy but for sure they are stakeholders? Considering that stinginess has to do with thinking about your own interest, you can see how these two can be connected.

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