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Profile: Prem Baniya — The Surreal Story of Life, Success, and Struggle

Prem Baniya, a vocal powerhouse who hails from Nepal changed the course of Nepalese journalism when he brought light to some major pressing issues in the region. Ever since he has been hailed as a hero despite facing tremendous struggle and opposition from the ruling parties.

He is a well-known civic journalist, newscaster, author, social activist, and philanthropist in Nepal. Throughout his more than sixteen-year journalism career, he has concentrated on addressing various vexing public issues in Nepal. He rose to prominence as a result of his meritorious work on social issues such as poverty, unemployment, corruption, healthcare inequities, rural infrastructure deficiencies, gender discrimination, and illiteracy.

He has worked for News 24 and Avenue Television. Among his most popular television shows are “Khaber Bhitra ko Khaber” and “Jaya Swabhiman.” He was named “Television Personality of the Year” in 2013. His selfless and altruistic humanitarian work through journalism demonstrates his commitment to serving humanity. As a public-spirited journalist, he became the voice of the underprivileged, constantly bringing attention to people’s troubles and sorrows. For him as a journalist, the United States was an altogether different experience. Additionally, he is the author of four books.

He had to start from scratch and educate himself on the social difficulties and challenges of American society. He trusted in himself, however, and he saw that no obstacle could be greater than his drive. He gained knowledge about American nationality, people, science, technology, and society via his perseverance, devotion, and curiosity. He considers himself fortunate to have found so many exciting job prospects in the United States.

With a desire to help humanity, Prem has always been drawn to employment requiring public service. Prem gained opportunities to work in social welfare in the United States, and these responsibilities have been inherently satisfying for him.

He began his career as a social activist in the United States of America with the Center for Pan Asian Community Services (CPACS). He was responsible for advocacy among team members, outreach coordination, and translation/interpretation in this position. He adored his job since it encompassed a broad range of activities aimed at fostering self-sufficiency and equality among refugees and immigrants.

As a Citizenship Class Trainer, he has assisted dozens of individuals in becoming citizens of the United States. He taught others how to fill N400. Additionally, he educated individuals about various facets of the citizenship process by giving information about the naturalisation requirements. Additionally, he educated and empowered a large number of American citizens to participate in the political process by assisting them in learning about and exercising their voting rights. Another aspect of his job has been to provide language support. He has also served as the program’s coordinator for the Together, Empowering Asian Americans WALKs. He also taught immigrants how to develop networks with different communities, including Bhutanese, East African, Chinese, Burmese, and Korean. He was also heavily involved in the 2020 presidential race. He has also assisted individuals in hospitals, social services, and schools as an interpreter and translator.

His duties and areas of focus as a member of CPACS’s advocacy team include pushing for people’s freedom to exercise democracy. Additionally, he is active in election campaigns, empowerment initiatives, and advocating for the Asian-American community. His areas of expertise include new immigrants, refugees, and populations with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). Additionally, he closely observed and advocated for non-partition in the Presidential Election 2020 and Senate Runoff Election 2021, as well as in municipal elections. Monitored and participated actively in the Marta Referendum.

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