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World’s Most Premium Car Designers

We live in the golden age of technology where cars are more than a symbol of necessity. This progressive period in car design is backed by a new generation of giant engines that are class, style and power personified.

So, here this list below unveils the name of such people who have become well-known for their inputs in the automotive industry, and more importantly design.

  1. Marcello Gandini:
    Cars Designed: Lamborghini.
    Lamborghini today is known as a status symbol in society. But do you know the creative brain behind the project? It is none other than Marcello Gandini. The man is well-known for designing Miura, Countach, and Diablo, these are some of the famous models drawn by the same hand.
  2. Giorgetto Giugiaro:
    Cars Designed: Ferrari 250, Lotus Espirit.
    Giorgetto Giugiaro has been named one of the most influential designers of the century. The man as well as his talent was spotted by FIAT’s technical director Dante Giacosa, and since then there has been no looking back. Today his CV is booming with several automobiles some of which have transitioned into the most memorable cars in history.
  3. Leonardo Fioravanti:
    Cars Designed: 288 GTO, F40.
    One of the senior designers in the industry today, Leonardo Fioravanti is credited for designing quite a few cars. He worked 24 years in Pininfarina and during his time in the firm he has designed several Ferraris. Due to his contribution to the industry, Fioravanti is known has also been awarded the International Historic Motor Award Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.
  4. Laurens Van Der Acker:
    Cars Designed: Renault.
    When it comes to car designers some people can be classified as big-picture visionaries. Lauren Van  Der Acker is one of them. The man behind some of the latest designs of F1 cars is also known for shaping up the Renault EZ vehicle. His vision is what sets him apart from his contemporaries and also makes him one of the renowned people in the world of car design.
  5. Thomas Ingenlath:
    Cars Designed: Volvo.
    Thomas Ingenlath is the creative mind behind Volvo’s burgeoning car brand Polestar. Currently, he is serving as the CEO of the company and commissioning a whole new range of Electric cars. Apart from that his oeuvre of work also includes designing Volvo cars since 2012.
  6. Ian Callum:
    Cars Designed: Aston Martin DB7, Jaguar XK.
    Ian Callum is noted for mainly turning automotive aesthetics into an object of beauty. Since his inception as a car designer, the man has been credited with shaping up a fleet of cars such as Aston Martin DB7 and Jaguar. He has also styled the Ford Puma and Ford RS200 making him one of the sought-after designers of today.
  7. Walter De Silva:
    Cars Designed: Audi, Volkswagen.
    Walter De Silva is the brains behind creating the modern age symbol of affluence. He has not only given a makeover to the range of Audi Cars such as A5, Q7, and R8 but has also created Volkswagen hits namely Scirocco and Passat. Unanimously, one of the best designers in the automotive industry today.
  8. Frank Stephenson:
    Cars Designed: Maserati MC12 GT1, Fiat 500.
    Frank Stephenson is regarded as one of the greatest car designers of the era. What makes his designs different is that they are extremely significant. With a fleet of cars such as Maserati and Fiat, he has also styled Escort Cosworth and BMW X5.
  9. Chris Bangle:
    Cars Designed: BMW 5 series.
    Chris Bangle is a pioneer who designed cars that were lightyears ahead of their time. His precision towards new-age automobiles makes him the master of his craft. It was his efforts that BMW sales went ahead of Mercedes in global sales too.
  10. Gerry McGovern:
    Cars Designed: Land Rover.
    Land Rover is one of the cherished names when it comes to cars. Well, the mastermind behind these vehicles is none other than Gerry McGovern, who has created a niche for himself with the fleet of cars that are known for their perfection.
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