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Post-COVID… Today’s Business Impediment: Understanding Your Organizational Health Blueprint

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  • 5 Factors to Organizational & Personal Success Tomorrow, it Never Changed by Dr. Jeffrey Magee.
  • Building an organization to greatness and sustaining that greatness is like building any great structure; it starts with a proven blueprint. The same is true for crafting the trajectory to personal achievement and sustained success.

Working elbow-to-elbow with global clients from Brazil to Berlin, from London to Las Vegas and across a varied industry mix from manufacturing, agriculture, hi-tech and finance, 100% of the client work during the pre-to-post COVID challenge, revealed that 100% success of these clients was in large part to how they managed and what they already had in place as sound human capital best-practices before the global challenge hit.

McKinsey and Company, Deloitte, Association Talent Development (formerly ASTD), and Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) have surveyed hundreds of thousands of professionals to understand leadership best practices. All have confirmed that success trajectories are born from models of excellence.

In working with businesses for decades, I have discovered five distinct factors to the blueprint trajectory of building an organization, sustaining its relevance, ensuring its’ market existence, and accelerating its’ course towards thriving dominance (watch “On The RED CARPET” YouTube Video). Understanding, embracing, and implementing these five factors leads to success.  I have also found that if two specific critical factors are not adhered to, it will impede organizational and individual success and lead to complete implosion.

This blueprint is accurate whether you are an individual, a startup, or an existing billion-dollar entity. It begins with the key stakeholders within an organization, as they either validate or revalidate the five factors.

Think of these five factors as five interlinked sequential words: 

  • Strategy/Strategic Intent
  • Operational Administrative Implications
  • Tactical/Behavior Implementations
  • Disciplined Execution
  • Accountability Expectation

Factor One 

Strategy/Strategic Intent must be consistent with the foundational VALUES of the key stakeholder(s) or organization. This Strategy is borne from the Values that key stakeholders operate from, and it drives the Vision and trajectory individuals are willing to commit to and execute. It illuminates everything one is (and isn’t) willing to commit to, believe in, and tolerate. This Strategy serves as a starting point and check-point to ensure that everything you do is in alignment.

Factor Two 

Operational Administrative Implications speaks to the systems, procedures, processes, technology, protocols, SOPS, etc., needed to execute the Strategic Intent/Strategy. As you evaluate the organizational realities (resources, abilities, capabilities, and human capital), the operational needs will become apparent, as will the skill and training pipeline needs. The rhythm can be set and calibrated against existing best practice doctrine to exceed goals and needs.

Factor Three 

Tactical/Behavior Implementation addresses the human capital and technology execution standards. It drives the performance expectations and how these are monitored, measured, calibrated, and feedback provided to exceed expectations under budget and above quality expectations. Precise “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs) are set here, as are utilized in developing Strategy and Operational components to ensure you are on track for success at all times. This factor ensures that the best talent has the knowledge, training, access to resources, authority, and power to execute above industry standards at all times.

While these three factors are the initial blueprint foundational requirements for success, the following two factors are critical as well.  If not adhered to by the organization and embraced individually as a personal “code of ethics,” these factors will spell disaster.

Factor Four 

Discipline Execution speaks to the willingness to do what must be done at the time it must be done, without excuses or finger-pointing for low performance. It is the capacity, readiness, work ethic, and sense of urgency to execute above expectations.

Factor Five 

Accountability Expectation is a self-imposed code that ensures a person’s duties are executed above expectations every time. This also requires that Operational system-wide KPIs ensure performance standards are executed in the most cost-effective, ethical, legal manner possible. The ability to include individual, peer-to-peer, and constituent (customer) feedback loops to validate successful execution is welcomed and not seen as a micromanagement mechanism; In our Dr. Jeffrey Magee | Leadership Academy of Excellence Series we discuss the five levels of accountability for every peak performing, inclusive, diverse, fully vested and integrated inclusive organization.

One variable is the most important because it catalyzes the entire five-factor sequence –  your VALUES. Your values drive the Vision and serve as the baseline for your personal Position Statement or the organization’s Mission Statement. When Values are out of alignment, you will experience limited effectiveness. When Values are in alignment, the trajectory acceleration is limitless.

If you are not experiencing success, reverse analyze these five factors to reveal the precise trajectory implosion point or points.

Fascinatingly, practically every business we study that has imploded in recent months or that is struggling to survive, it is the following 5-Factors that are absent and even more interestingly clear, is that every business that thrives has senior leaders with sales revenue generation history in their professional pedigree!

When implementing this blueprint, these five factors should take ones’ history into account and reflect the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) necessary to ensure that the Immediate, Intermediate, and Long-Term goals are being met to remain relevant for both today and tomorrow!

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