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First time on a yacht vacation? What you should know

Today, we will throw some light on some issues regarding the sea that even if you have had many experiences as a passenger you may have never heard of them. Here are some tips that will change your experience and reassure your safety.

Respecting the sea

To begin with, let’s see how waves are created in the sea. Assuming the sea is calm in the beginning, the appearance of strong wind will eventually create waves into the sea. The interesting part is that waves and wind are not synchronized. Waves appear with a time delay. In the same way, when the wind stops the waves will not automatically stop. It will probably take some time until the sea calms down. This is to get an idea of what to expect in terms of shaking inside the boat.

It is our strong recommendation that you follow the yacht captain’s advice and let him decide the root of the boat and the places that are best to visit. Captains check the weather before they make a plan and most of the time they suggest options that will help you avoid big waves that will destroy your vacation. Many people underestimate the shaking they are about to experience and they end up with disappointing choices even though they are warned about the discomfort of the shaking. Start your adventure today and charter a luxury yacht to Greece.

How to overcome seasickness

However, in some cases shaking cannot be avoided. The shaking of the waves can make you nauseous and you may feel the need to vomit. The best idea to avoid seasickness is to get a pill before a challenging trip starts. The pill will reassure you will not feel a thing. It is possible you will become sleepy but it is much better than to upset your stomach. Along with the lifejackets the boat has small pharmacy equipment yet, we suggest you carry one of your own including the magic pills that will make the difference to your experience.

For those of you who are not fond of medicine, there are other alternatives you can follow. Two basic rules will protect you from seasickness in a natural way. Rule number one has to do with nutrition.

Do not drink anything before the trip starts, including coca-cola or things you may believe will be good for your stomach. Liquids are the worst enemy in this case and especially milk and juice. The only thing you are allowed to consume and you actually have to eat, preferably before the trip, is toasted bread.

Toasted bread will adsorb fluids in your stomach and will prevent spasms. The second rule is related to your place on the boat. The best idea is to choose a place where the wind can reach you as much as possible and you have a view of the ocean. Avoid going inside your cabin or in closed spaces. The wind will act in a healing way and will help you feel refreshed. Both rules are extremely important to make it through a hard trip. Of course, you cannot expect these tricks to work like medicine but we trust you can make it without them. Luxury Yacht Charters in Greece.

Safety comes first

When you enter the boat the captain will make a small briefing regarding how you have to act on it. The crew will explain how toilets work, how to make wise use of the water, etc. It is important to respect the directions and follow them as much as possible. If small children are in your company keep them under constant supervision and ask them not to run on the boat. What people do not imagine about boats is that the biggest danger is that someone might fall from the boat.

It may sound ridiculous but if you think about it, it absolutely makes sense. The boat does not have any real protection at the edges and the reason people do not fall to the sea is that they are careful. Still, children can be unpredictable. At the same time, you have to consider what happens when the boat is shaking aggressively. To move through the spaces of the boat when this is shaking you have to constantly hold with your hand the stainless steel handles that are designed for this occasion.

The reason why we have to be so careful about not falling into the water is that it is very easy to get lost. The boat travels fast and from the time the fall will occur and the time this will be understood from the captain so that he will change the direction of the boat is vital. The important thing here is not to lose track of the person in the sea. It is not very common, but it is one of the most vital issues regarding safety.

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