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CEO Spotlight: “Confident in Transformation Plan,” Says Radixweb CEO

Divyesh Patel, Radixweb CEO
Divyesh Patel, Radixweb CEO
  • Divyesh Patel, Radixweb CEO, reveals the reasons behind his razor-focus on sustainability through innovation and his firm belief in the organization’s tech and operational transformations.

Does the word ‘creative destruction’ still scare you?

2019 and 2020 have been catalytic in terms of organizational transformations, most of which were unintentional. However, the ether for most growth-focused firms like Radixweb has been the promise of equally booming opportunities. Although the path towards sustainability and double-digit growth has some unmistakable growth compromises.

The IT space has been wading through some interesting changes. Emerging technologies like Cloud, Blockchain, AI, IoT, Virtual Reality, and Edge Computing that were still being tested for sustainability, experienced an overnight boom to support the ‘new normal’ virtual norms. One of our key realizations during the COVID restrictions was that the IT budget in the global market is going to shrink. However, in spite of that roadblock, boosting operational efficiency and running cost optimization efforts have the potential to drive technology-enabled growth. The control over technology spending is gradually becoming a business-critical decision for firms all across the globe.

For Radixweb, sustainability has emerged as one of our topmost priorities. We believe that organic growth can only be driven when firms strive to stay relevant, which happens when businesses step out of their comfort zones to embrace innovation. It is very important for growth hackers to have a clear vision about their capabilities and where they want to see themselves at the other end of disruption.

As the CEO, I often asked myself these questions in the face of utter turbulence: 

  • What is my expectation from technological advancements, and what strategic outcomes am I focusing on?
  • What is the maturity term for the tech-forward approaches we have introduced/ plan to introduce? Do they support my digital ambition?
  • What have been the most palpable effects of the tech transformation efforts launched by my firm? How far have they been effective?
  • What are the immediate pain points which restrict the tech transformation efforts at my firm?
  • How much capital and ancillary resources can I pull in for tech transformations at the moment?

As a global name in the field of crafting tailor-made IT solutions and IT consultancy, one of our most significant moves was modernizing our IT infrastructure. A long due event, we unearthed our new corporate space with neo-modern facilities of global scale. Our new hub, Ekyarth, is a glistening example of infrastructural excellence and has all the capabilities to aid complex project delivery.

However, our transformation plan is multifaceted in all possibilities. Other than modernizing our infrastructure game, we have simultaneously been amping up our IT architecture, equipping ourselves with capabilities to support the development of transformative technology and digitization of end-user experience; transformed our cybersecurity practices; realigned our talent strategies, vendor management, and revolutionized our IT operations model.

Key factors Spearheading Our ‘Tech Forward” Transformation:

Not only has Radixweb engineered successful growth for itself, but it has also orchestrated successful transformation drives for clients across the globe, fuelling them with the best of data and analytics-powered insights, superior industry practices, and comprehensive guidelines.

At the core of our transformation plan, there are three factors that have strengthened our position as a global market leader with 4200+ successful projects and over 3000+ successful clients:

  • Realigning the role of technology-focused business: I can’t stress enough about the need for a tech-forward business strategy since technology and business are so entwined these days. It is of utmost importance to have in place a tech-led business model that delivers customer-faced, value-oriented products. Exactly why we have been driving continuous growth and innovation through intelligent design thinking.
  • Redeveloping a tech delivery speed: At Radixweb, we focus our performance gains on rapidly evolving agile methodologies to tackle changing customer delivery preferences. Not only have we scaled up with next-gen infrastructural services to accelerate delivery and stabilize our tech environment, but we have devoted equal focus on becoming an organic human talent capital with diverse capabilities that have helped us deliver quality across time zones.
  • Future-proofing the core to deal with disruptions: Analytics and research have always formed a sustainable base for all our software projects and have yielded us invaluable information tools for measuring customer as well as employee preferences, helped us build powerful and intelligent applications, which in turn has greatly enriched our end-user experiences.

To conclude, I would say, tech transformations have a lot o in-built interdependencies involved. Our tech and operation teams at Radixweb have, however, aced this drive by simply sequencing the initiatives for delivering value in time. Also, it is essential that the management team is involved and supports these orchestrated efforts without skepticism. The reason why I am so confident about our transformation at Radixweb? We never set iterative rates within which transformation drives ‘had to’ show due results. We were okay with interdependent changes throughout the transformation model that eventually paid off.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - CEO Spotlight: “Confident in Transformation Plan,” Says Radixweb CEO
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