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Best online management courses, 2021

In these harsh times of the global pandemic, corporate jobs have become more competitive and demanding than ever. Since most employees are working from home, they have more time at their disposal as they do not have to travel to work.

Why not put this additional time to good use? Management courses can help you climb the corporate ladder. Managers can learn how to become effective managers thanks to management courses. They will also be able to get the best out of themselves and their teams.

Here is our list of the best online management courses:

  1. Leadership and Management Courses – Coursera
    Duration: Self-paced

    These courses have been created with the help of some of the world’s most prestigious universities such as the University of Minnesota, University of Virginia, Yale University, etc. You will learn the fundamental concepts of leadership and management in these courses. You can then apply the concepts to improve your team’s performance and productivity.

    You will gain essential skills related to various topics like business essentials, management, finance, entrepreneurship, leadership, and marketing. Students have access to video lectures, hands-on exercises, practice tests, graded assignments, quizzes, feedback forums to get the most out of the course. You will earn a professional certificate for each course upon finishing the course along with the project.

  2. Essential Business Courses – edX
    Duration: Self-paced

    These courses have been created and reviewed by some of the most reputed institutions across the globe, such as MITx, TUMx, UMD, and Wharton University. You will get to learn the essential concepts of business management. So, you will be able to better lead your team towards success.

    This course will help you gain expertise in core business management topics like corporate finance, investments, project management, strategic management, and team-leading. You will get to learn from the various video lectures and then test your skills with hands-on exercises quizzes, and practice exams.

  3. Online Management & Leadership Courses – Harvard University
    Duration: Self-paced

    You will get access to the courses that you need to become a better leader or manager in your organization. These courses will teach you to become a transformative leader through self-development. So, you will develop yourself and manage a big team even under pressure.

    You will get to know about the risks that your organization’s data could be exposed to. And you will also learn how to effectively take care of those risks. You must make use of downloadable resources, management strategies, quick tips, quizzes, and capstone projects to make the most of these courses.

  4. Executive Program in Management – Columbia Business School
    Duration: 9 months

    This practical program has been designed to help you learn the very basic concepts of business management. This course will teach you all the minor and major concepts such as leadership, management, strategy, and innovation from a clean slate. The course also covers important management topics such as artificial intelligence, decision making, influencing, negotiation, persuasion, strategic intuition, and strategic planning.

    You will have a strong understanding of various global business acumens, such as business analytics, corporate governance, the internet of things, etc. You can get your doubts resolved by faculty. You can also make use of the career coaching sessions.

  5. Management Courses – Udemy
    Duration: Variable

    These courses help you learn various skills to better manage not just your professional, but also your personal life. You will be easily able to master leadership skills and techniques thanks to effective training and practical videos.

    You will get to know about the importance of using emotional intelligence and how you can use it to learn others’ behaviors. By pursuing these courses, you will learn the tools and skills required to become an invaluable strategic product manager with the right skills.

  6. Leadership Principles – Harvard University
    Duration: 6 weeks

    This course will teach you the skills to develop yourself into a better leader and to get the best out of your team. You will gain practical knowledge as you will learn through real-world challenges. You will be taught how you can improve team productivity and how you can motivate the team using a better work culture.

  7. Manager Training Courses – Udemy
    Duration: Self-paced

    You can pursue any of the courses that deal with various aspects of management. Technical professionals will learn to grow and use data to improve become effective managers.

    By pursuing these courses you can gain several core management skills, such as communication, decision making, delegation, human resources, leadership, problem-solving, etc.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - Best online management courses, 2021
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