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6 truths about the reality all people experience

Karma has been in fashion for a couple of decades now, but no matter whether you are one of those who believe in it or not, you have to admit some of the truths that eastern philosophy describes are quite wise. Today we analyze some of the interesting points of you that karma implies about life.

  1. Giving and receiving
    Rule number 1 has to do with our interaction with the surrounding environment. It started from the eastern culture according to which, whatever you send to the universe, this is what the universe sends back to you. If you are a positive person good things will happen to you and vice versa. Today some people may know this as ”the law of attraction.” It has a similar perception but the technique is different. Not only do you have to do good things but you also have to think positively. Actually, according to the law of attraction, if you start thinking of the things you want to accomplish in life on a daily basis several times throughout the day, it is possible that this will come to you at some point. People who believe this theory encourages us to simply ask for what we want and visualize it.

  2. We are a part of the creation
    At this point, philosophers invite us to act on what we want to achieve. Going a step further, they suggest that visualizing may not be enough sometimes. In other words, life does not just happen on the contrary we are a part of it and our actions have an effect on ourselves and on others as well. Whatever surrounds us gives us hints regarding our inner condition. The world has plenty of representations and it is up to us what we chose to see. There are positive things in all negative situations and our way of thinking determines whether we will be able to understand.

  3. We chose our own problems
    The way we decide to feel under any condition is not the same for everyone. It shows, however, where our attention is focused. This is why when we refuse to accept certain situations these seem to appear repeatedly in our lives. Some could say that often our fears have to come true to verify the concept that we already have about the world and how it functions. It is amazing how sometimes we seem to be comfortable with a certain amount of issues going on in our lives and when one of them is resolved we immediately chose something else that has to bother us and make us unhappy. It seems we chose our problems and we choose our destiny.

  4. The change comes from within
    To be honest, we would say that practically everything comes from within, but this is an agony that pops in our heads when we want to change, become better, or escape an unpleasant situation. The people and the places may change but in order to accept the change in an optimistic way we have to develop spiritually. Ourself is the only fact that we have in life from day one till the end, therefore it is the only factor that has control over what happens. When we change who we are from within, life follows our example and synchronizes with our desires.

  5. How change works
    Talking about mistakes, fears and things that seem to bother us for some time, we have to mention what many people believe. It is a common theory that lessons that have to be learned will appear in life many times until we understand what we have to do and who we have to be. If you see yourself being in similar problematics situations often, it is because you have unresolved issues.

  6. Where you look is where you go
    Goals are a common matter for many people and everyone has some goals in life. If we don’t spend some time thinking carefully about what we really want it is unlikely we will ever achieve it. You have to point in de direction where you want to go, otherwise, you will end up following a path that does no express you just because you happened to be in a particular environment.
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