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4 things we learn as we travel the world

One of the most fun things to do in the 21st century is travelling around the globe. Many students decide to take the big step when they finish college while employers choose to take a sabbatical and have a year off to travel. You may be surprised to hear that 5% of the global GDP comes from this industry.

People from China especially seem to spend the most money on tourism. The fact that Chinese people are many since China is a big country is a reason for that together with the fact that they prefer to travel in big groups.

At the same time, tourists will spend most of their money in Dubai. So what have we learned from our experiences up to now? Travelling is a big school and today we will see what someone will find out once he starts this addictive habit.

  1. Different cultures can be really different
    Did you know that a certain tribe of Indians used to spit to spit on each other’s faces to say hi or that in many places in Scandinavia people give three kisses on the cheek when they meet someone? Amazing isn’t it? Well, the truth is that you will be shocked if you see how human culture has taken different paths and evolved throughout the years in each country in a totally different way. One of the most obvious proofs we have of that is the special ways people prepare their food.

    Even though food is something basic and one would expect that not many surprises could be found there, we now all know that each country has completely different ways to cook. It is often difficult for travelers to adjust to these new conditions and they may even develop stomach disorders due to this huge cultural gap. Another fun fact is how often people smile. You will see it on the people you meet in the reception of your hotel or the taxi driver. Mixing with the crowds will give unexpected information about how differently people live in each part of the globe.

  2. Still, we are not that different
    While the signs that tell us whether someone is happy or not are different from place to place, the reason that will cause someone’s happiness or misery are not so different. Being polite is always well received. Giving a tip will be appreciated and if you decide to go to the same restaurant again you will see the waiters serving you better. It is the simple stuff that softens other people’s hearts and makes them more open to us and this applies in all countries, all destinations, all time of the year.

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  3. Nature can be surprising
    Together with the differences that develop between cultures, nature also appears a diversity throughout its whole spectra. Focusing on the food once again, just have a look at the different types of vegetation that grow in each place. Even the same plants may appear to have small differences from place to place. Tomatoes, for example, in India, Greece, and the United States are not the same. The most unique feature, however, is the climates and the spectacular geography that is hidden in every part of the world. No matter how much you travel, it seems you can’t get enough.

  4. Sometimes it helps to keep your feet on the ground
    When we decide to take a trip we all get excited and expect our experience to be gorgeous. Things, however, are not always as we may have imagined and they are for sure not ideal. In places where poverty is a fact, people are not as friendly as we may have pictured them. They will try to rob you and steal your personal belongings or take advantage of you in any way if this is possible.

    It is not the particular person that is bad or unethical, it is the way of living that has turned these people into more aggressive human beings. They do not have the luxury to be peaceful and kind because they have to take care of their survival and believe it or not anyone would do the same thing if they were in this difficult condition. The lesson that has to be taught out of this is that it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on others and try to guess their intentions; they are not always the best. Remember taking care of your own safety is your responsibility not others’.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - 4 things we learn as we travel the world
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