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Best Colleges To Study Medicine in South Korea

South Korea, the country itself is synonymous with many things. Starting from the K-Pop, K-Drama, and K-Beauty, there are many striking aspects of the country which make it stand out in the world.

Apart from big-time impact on the culture around the world, South Korea is also famous its excellent education system. The colleges in the country provide the best degree programs which proves to be the best choice for both local and international students.

In this blog below we have included 10 best medical schools in Korea where one can easily study and carve a career ahead in medicine.

  1. Sungkyunkwan University School Of Medicine:
    Sungkyunkwan University or SKKU is one of the best institutes for embarking on a career in medicine. The institute was established way back in 1398 during the reign of the Joseon dynasty. Since then  it has become the oldest and most prestigious institute in South Korea. The School of Medicine which was later founded in 1997 and has since then produced many prominent physicians. SKKU is also affiliated with three famous hospitals in the country which helps students to have their clinical rotations.
  2. University of Ulsan College of Medicine:
    The University of Ulsan College of Medicine is located in the Southeastern region of South Korea. Founded way back in 1969 the institute years later was give the status of a full-fledged university. There are more than 450 professors in the college who teach and supervise the rotation of the students in different hospitals. Apart from the diverse curriculum taught in the college, students also get a chance to intern at the prestigious Asan Medical Center, thus making the institute one of the best choices for students.
  3. The Catholic University of Korea, College of Medicine:
    The third name to make it to our list is the Catholic University of Korea. Established in the year 1855, the university shares its humble beginnings with the St Joseph Seminary. One of the prime aspects of the institute which demarcates it from the rest is its  OMNIBUS curriculum. The curriculum arranges for the premedical education for each student which is not found anywhere else in South Korea. Also, the program has two competency development courses which can be opted by students. With a total duration of 6-weeks, there are different medical procedures and treatments which are taught in the college. The university also has an education program which covers sympathy courses and thus is a best choice for candidates.
  4. Pusan National University School of Medicine:
    The Pusan National University is located in Busan. Initially founded in the year 1946, the institute started off as a two-year college. Apart from the engineering courses offered by the university, its school of medicine is also famous among all medical aspirants. From imparting the best academic excellence, creating exceptional doctors, the medical school also takes pride in shaping up global leaders who have the caliber to excel in the field of medicine. Apart from all this PNU is also renowned as a research institute where Cancer and Ischemic Tissue regeneration is carried out.
  5. Hanyang University College of Medicine:
    Hanyang University is based in Seoul, South Korea. The private institute was inaugurated in 1939 as the Donga Engineering institute and the school of medicine was only started three years later. The students enrolling in the university have a chance to undergo clinical rotation in Hanyang University Medical Center. Apart from imparting top-class education the university is also globally renowned for its regional research facilities thus helping aspirants to make a mark in the medical sector.
  6. Kyungpook National University School of Medicine:
    The Kyungpook National University is based in Daegu. Famous as one of the second oldest medical schools in the country, the institute was founded in 1923. Due to its global reputation, the college only accepts 110 students every year. There are 2 affiliate hospitals which cater to 20 specialties and have around 1400 beds. The best part of the institute till now it has produced around 8,500 doctors. With an excellent and diverse curriculum, the university continues to give shape to the physician-scientists in their respective fields which makes it best in Korea.
CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - Best Colleges To Study Medicine in South Korea
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