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7 Ways to Contribute to Global Causes and Charities in Your Area

Charitable organizations play a crucial role in improving the lives of people in a community, thereby bringing people closer to one another. These organizations perform tasks meant to improve the sanctity of the planet Earth and its environment as a whole.

Many charities work around the world, such as WE Charity, which aims to spread education, health care services, food, and resources to people and communities who are in much need of such support. In the current situation where the pandemic has ravaged various parts of the world and led to massive medical chaos even in developed countries, it has become much more important than ever before for charities to support people and communities within their efforts.

Charities are now having a hard time managing the various needs of patients and communities who are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in different ways. Some charities are now providing medicines, food, and oxygen to patients. Therefore, charitable establishments need the continuous flow of resources they need to operate smoothly.

There are many ways in which you can contribute to global causes and charities in your area. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Donate through Online Methods 

One of the best ways in which you can contribute to charities these days is through crowdfunding. The method of crowdfunding involves appealing to a wider segment of the audience who can donate as per their means.

Even donations of modest amounts can make a huge difference in this way. Online crowdfunding donations are still not the main way through which charitable donations are carried out.

However, it is believed to be one of the fastest-growing donation methods that you should be aware of. Typically, younger men and women love donating online as it goes with their extensively digital way of life.  Hence, certain charities exclusively accept their donations online.

Make Use of the Classic Checkbook

Using your checkbook is still the classic way of donating to charitable organizations in most parts of the world. Such acts of philanthropy are not only reliable but are also very simple and essentially direct for most people’s tastes.

Unlike using your credit card that you cannot offer with a standard online donation form, you can always write a check and donate easily to a charitable project or fund. Even though there are now many charities that depend more on online means, you can also find a lot of charities that are ready to accept checks from eager donors.

Create a Family Foundation or a Private Foundation

It is also a common practice in many parts of the world to create private family foundations that can donate to charitable activities. This is mainly common with donors and families with a high net worth. Certain private foundations are quite famous, but most of the private foundations are not that large and have an asset amount lower than $1 million.

If you are planning on taking this route, you need to make sure to donate a certain percentage of your assets annually. It is also important that you take an organized approach to manage the finances of your charities and get some solid legal advice in the process.

Use a Donor-Advised Fund

In recent years, donating to charities through DFAs or donor-advised funds is a direction that many people are choosing to take. Many of the DFAs are even worth more than one billion in total assets. The donor-advised funds function as charitable giving accounts that are managed by a sponsoring entity.

These donor-advised funds are meant to operate simply and are easily accessible compared to the operations managed by a private foundation. The sponsoring institution handles the donation amount and you get to choose a project wherein you can donate. The best thing about the donor-advised funds is their flexibility. You can run these funds in both high as well as low amounts.

Donate Your Personal Belongings 

If you feel like you are not in a position to donate money, there are other ways in which you can contribute. A good way to make a difference for the charities is to donate your personal belongings that you do not intend to use anymore. This is something many charities focus on when talking to their audiences, as it’s a great way to help those in need, while also not requiring individuals to take out their wallets to make a contribution.

For instance, you can donate your old clothes, furniture items, cars, appliances, and even food. Many families need to have food and you can bring smiles to their lives. And as most of us know, we all have way too many extra clothing and items in our homes as it is… so why not put them to better use by donating them to organizations that can put them to better use?

Contribute through a Giving Circle

While donating through a Giving Circle is not yet a common practice, it is fast gaining ground these days. They are simple, easy for everyone, and can work out well for your philanthropic motivations. The Giving Circle works in a way very similar to a book circle or a traditional investment club.

If you are looking to find a Giving Circle that you can be a part of, then you should look for them in your local community. Most of the Giving Circles operate within a local area through small circles, but some operate nationally and state-wise.

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