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Top universities offering blockchain technology education for 2021

Blockchain technology has become part of our lives. There is a growing demand for academic education in this field. Some of the best universities all over the world offer specific courses to help business professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals who deal with financial services to be fully prepared.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): The University offers a very interesting online course which is entitled “Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application”. This course best fits those interested for Management Executive Education. It is a 6 weeks course that offers a deeper understanding of the capabilities and limitations of blockchain technology and knowledge about how blockchain powers applications like bitcoin and others. One of the modules of the course is dedicated to the future of Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Privacy. Participants get a certificate of completion from the MIT Sloan School of Management.
  2. Cornell University: The University offers online a certificate program that it is called “Blockchain Essentials”. Participants start by studying how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin make use of the blockchain to facilitate peer-to-peer digital transactions. Then, they discover the problems blockchain technologies aim to solve, while they get knowledge of how they can support the goals of a business. Ultimately, participants will walk away with a proposal for an application of blockchain technology in their organization. “Blockchain Essentials” best fits to business leaders, technology leaders including CTOs, entrepreneurs, developers and software engineers interested in learning blockchain fundamentals and of course anyone seeking to develop a greater understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  3. Harvard University: The “Introduction to Blockchain and Bitcoin” course covers the mathematical, computational, and economic foundations of blockchain. The course exposes students to the societal and legal implications of a decentralized monetary system based on consensus. Students learn what bitcoins are, why it is possible to make money using bitcoins, and why it is so volatile. Through practice with bitcoin and Ethereum-based software platforms, students build decentralized applications, develop an understanding of cryptographic principles, and revisit critical economic questions, such as what is money, what is a transaction, and who should authorize a transaction. “Cryptography and Identity Management for Blockchain and Cloud Applications” is another course offered to people interested. This course provides ground-up coverage on the high-level concepts applied mechanisms architecture and real-world implementation practices of cryptography and identity management techniques as they apply to blockchain and cloud-hosted applications and services.
  4. University of California- Berkeley: “Blockchain Technologies and Applications for Business” is an online program that best fits to business/technology strategists and consultants, entrepreneurs who are interested in launching new ventures relating to blockchain or cryptocurrencies, government officials, policy makers, and civil servants, investors who want to understand the developing blockchain ecosystem to inform investment decisions and more. Participants will get an overview of Blockchain Technology, will learn about the Cryptocurrency Network and explore strategic applications of Blockchain Technology in existing businesses. It is a two months duration program.
  5. University of Oxford: Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program provides full understanding of the impact and the power of blockchain. It is an online program while the earning is structured around group work into a blockchain use case, and concentrates on extensive use of showcases to lead participants through the very latest successful strategies and experiences taking place in this emerging field. In order to achieve the learning objectives, Oxford brings the participants close to a powerful range of contributors from world leading data scientists, as well as a number of practising entrepreneurs, technologists and financiers from multiple sectors.
  6. National University of Singapore: “Blockchain, Digital Currencies, and Distributed Ledgers Starts from Here” is an interesting course at the National University of Singapore. Participants acquire knowledge about the concepts of Blockchain, digital currencies, and distributed ledger in order to apply them in their businesses. At the end of this course, participants will be able to describe how digital currencies work and predict the future trends of Blockchain, digital currencies, and distributed ledgers. This course is a must for Mid-level and Senior Managers, Advisory Staff, CEOs and Entrepreneurs who are interested in the digital economy. Participants can attend on campus or online.
  7. University of Nicosia: The MSc in Digital Currency arose from the great demand worldwide for blockchain academic and professional education and certification. The University of Nicosia was the first to recognize this need and responded by offering the first Master of Science degree in Digital Currency, available to students worldwide through an online format since 2014. The program seeks to fill an important gap that exists today between the supply of and demand for academic knowledge in the areas of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.
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