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Top 10 European countries best prepared for the electric vehicle revolution in 2021

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The readiness index of European countries in terms of electric vehicle revolution is improving every year. This conclusion comes from the latest findings of LeasePlan’s 2021 Readiness Index. Europe seems more ready than ever for the electric vehicle revolution, despite lagging charging infrastructure. LeasePlan for conducting this year’s survey took into account three basic factors. The electric vehicle registrations, the maturity of electric vehicle infrastructure, and government incentives in each European country. A total of 22 countries are included in LeasePlan’s list for 2021.

Norway, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are the three leaders in Europe for 2021 as far as the electric vehicle revolution is concerned. These European countries were also at the top 3 of the list in 2020. However, some changes took place from 2020 to 2021. The Netherlands was the top country in Europe concerning the electric vehicle revolution in 2020. The Netherlands lost one place in 2021 and now holds the second place, while Norway made more progress and thus took the first place of the list in 2021. Norway was second at the list in 2020. The United Kingdom remained at the third place during the years 2020 and 2021. The score for Norway for 2021 is 42, for the Netherlands is 38 and for the United Kingdom is 33.

Luxembourg holds 4th place at the list for 2021. Luxembourg made a significant improvement within a year since in 2020 was at the 6th place of the list. The score for Luxembourg is 31. Fifth at the list comes Sweden. The country was exactly at the same place of the list in 2020. The score of Sweden for 2021 is 29. Also, Austria has the same score with Sweden in 2021 with the two countries sharing the 5th place. Austria holds the same position from 2020 as the country didn’t manage any significant improvement.

Germany won one place within a year, reaching number six of the list in 2021 from number seven in 2020. The score for Germany concerning the country’s readiness in the electric vehicle revolution is 28. Belgium and Finland share number seven of the list with a total score of 27 concerning the readiness of the two countries in the electric vehicle revolution. Finland was also at number seven of the list in 2020 and Belgium at number 8 of the list in 2020. Belgium won one place in 2021 compared with 2020.

Three European countries, France, Ireland and Portugal tied for the 8th place of the list with 26 points score each one. France was at the 9thplace of the list in 2020, while Portugal was also 8th in 2020. Ireland dropped four places within a year as the country was fourth at the list in 2020. Denmark and Switzerland share the 9th place of the list with a total of 23 points score each one. Denmark was at the 8th pace of the list in 2020 while Switzerland was at the 10th place of the list in 2020.

Italy completes the top 10 of the list with the best prepared countries in 2021 for the electric vehicle revolution. Italy gained two places within a year as in 2020 was at number 12 of the list. The latest findings from LeasePlan’s 2021 electric vehicle readiness index include some more European countries. These countries are Hungary, Greece, Spain, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, the countries mentioned above hold places at the bottom of the list concerning how well prepared are for the electric vehicle revolution in 2021.

In any case, electric vehicles are now more affordable in most European countries and in some countries electric vehicle drivers pay no driver tax at all.

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