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Unique Convocation Ceremonies Of The World

Congratulations! You have worked hard and are about to graduate! Now we all know that convocation ceremonies have all the usual drills in them. From mortarboard caps, long gowns, and speeches.

But in some universities across the world, convocation comes with its own set of twists. So, gear up as we are about to disclose some of the unique convocation ceremonies held in major institutes.

Get ready to enjoy the disclosure as all of them have been taken from “impossible but true” files.

  1. University of Texas
    The University of Texas has its way of showering students with convocation. As we all know graduating from college is like stepping into the real world, the university at Austin captures it rather uniquely. Students are handed a foam sword which they can charge with one another. The whole scenario takes place in the middle of the campus street in a braveheart style before dispersing.
  2. Wellesley College
    The Wellesley College at Boston has its rather unusual take on celebrating graduation. All the seniors approaching their end of college, are seen rolling a wooden hoop. Funny but extremely unique, the ritual sees maximum footfalls of students who actively take part in the convocation.
  3. Vamos Spanish Academy
    The students in Argentina welcome their new life after college in a sticky way. Didn’t get us? Let’s get to the details. While graduation days are welcomed with parties and gifts, in Vamos Spanish Academy the scene is different. The graduates are pelted with ketchup, syrup, and sticky food to celebrate oncoming days. Quite an unusual take on graduation!
  4. Williams College
    Did you know that Williams College has a completely different ritual tied up with convocation? The institute allows the graduating class to throw off a watch from the 80-foot spire of Thompson Chapel. Should the watch break upon impact with the ground, the class in question will be blessed with good luck. While all this might seem strange, the ritual continues to live on and is now a part of the college.
  5. Swedish High School
    Now, this graduation ceremony is remarkable in many ways. First of all graduating students don sea captain-style hats. They sing and chant while leaving school and their family and friends wait outside. The whole thing is accompanied by cheering and waving photo montages with funny childhood images.
  6. University of Notre Dame
    If you happen to graduate from Notre Dame University, never sit behind an architecture student. It is because candidates belonging to this discipline adorn their mortarboard caps with architectural marvels. From the Taj Mahal, The Gateway Arch, there are numerous models that students display during the ceremony.
  7. Butler University
    Butler University at Indiana is graced by 5 gorgeous fountains. Thus, the convocation ceremony is associated with taking a dip in all 5 water features. All graduating candidates take part in this annual tradition and the activity is usually carried out at night.
  8. Edinburgh University
    At the University of Edinburgh, graduating candidates are adorned with laurel wreaths instead of caps. This tradition dates back to ancient times and is a way to remember poets and scholars. Students find themselves getting adorned with this natural beauty while they take their first plunge into the real world.
  9. Smith College
    This college at Massachusetts graduates participates in a tradition called Diploma Circle.  Started way back in 1911, the ceremony has stuck with the institute through all these years. The whole theme is to make students pass around diplomas in concentric circles. All those who receive theirs first step back and let others proceed. In this way, every student is handed over their certificates in a funny manner.

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