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Top Universities To Study Montessori Teaching From

The Montessori method of teaching has come to be known as the most opted child education program. From being curious, independent to improving their skills, children step into a whole new world with the help of Montessori teaching.

Thus, for all those looking forward to a career in this discipline, the below-mentioned universities will help you through the course.

  1. Xavier University
    Xavier University is a non-profit organization that is renowned for its degree programs. What makes the institute a prominent name in academics is its 3 Montessori teacher programs. Such is the positive word of mouth of the disciplines offered by Xavier, that till now the college has seen many graduates opting for it.
  2. University of East London
    The University of East London is another acclaimed name in the field of Montessori education. Established in 1898, the institute has since become a stepping stone for many teachers. The college focuses on skill-building, creativity, and emotional intelligence needed for a prospective career. With a curriculum that successfully helps you to master pedagogy, the university is the best in all aspects.
  3. Barry University
    Barry University is another center of learning that is noted for its Montessori teacher program. The college is a medium-sized, non-profit organization that is located in Miami, Florida. With a strong curriculum and a bright career prospect, the university is a perfect choice for students aiming for Montessori teaching.
  4. International Montessori Institute, Spain
    If you are serious about a career prospect in Montessori education, then we have the best option for you. The International Montessori Institute in Spain provides a perfect launchpad for pedagogy. What makes the institute different is the combination of training and educational needs, that help you forge ahead in the career ahead.
  5. Loyola University
    Loyola University is a shining example in the sea of Montessori education. The institute provides two courses for aspirants over 4 years. Located in Baltimore, the college gives you the pedestal to step ahead and carve a niche in Montessori teaching.
  6. Montessori World Educational Institute
    Established in 1983, the Montessori Institute is another top contender in the field of education. The college provides accreditation in postgraduate and graduates diplomas. One of the prime benefits of the course is that it helps candidates a horde of career options ranging from child care educator and teacher.
  7. St Catherine University
    St Catherine University is another private institute offering Montessori courses. The college is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and is regarded as the largest university for women. St Catherine is a true wonder in the field of education as it rests its foundation on wisdom and social justice. The college has till now shaped the career of over 10,000 students and thus is perfect for a career in pedagogy.
  8. Lander University
    Lander University is one of the best institutes for undertaking a degree in the Montessori discipline. The college combines market-driven programs and comprehensive learning that fosters creativity. Through the Montessori course, candidates learn to inculcate active engagement in children, thus garnering them a chance to grow in this career.
  9. Chaminade University
    The Chaminade University is a non-profit organization situated in Honolulu. Founded in 1955 the college has a remarkably diverse student culture. One of the reasons to opt for Montessori teaching from the institute is due to the top-quality education which proves as a benchmark for your future career.
  10. University of Southern Maine
    The last name to grace our list is the University of Southern Maine. Located in Portland, the public institution has a four-year course in Montessori education. Perfect for people looking forward to a career prospect in Pedagogy, the college has a global curriculum that matches perfectly with the innovative teaching approach.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Top Universities To Study Montessori Teaching From
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