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Powerful Women Oriented Online Series To Watch in 2021

The web series trend has gained wide attention just a few years back. The days of mainstream movies and TV shows as the only forms of entertainment are long gone. With the click of a button on your mobile, you can now see web series with fantastic casting and high production values. So many women-centric stories with fascinating female characters have recently been released. We’ve compiled a list of series that you can enjoy when you’re at the home, office, outside the home, or anywhere else. Such female oriented shows focus on women’s lives, challenges, and wishes.

So let’s get started one by one :

  1. The Handmaid’s Tale
    In a futuristic world, pregnant women, known as Handmaids, are coerced into child-bearing slaves to maintain the ideals of a spiritual and totalitarian regime that controls most of the U.S.
    Why you’ll like it: The plots are gripping and, at moments, graphic and upsetting to experience. The Handmaid’s Tale addresses are more relevant than ever, considering the ‘Me Too’ campaign and the political environment’s recent ramifications.
    SBS on Demand is where you can watch it.
  2. Fleabag
    Phoebe Waller-Bridge plays Fleabag, a witty, sexually adventurous woman trying to cope with her sorrow in London.
    Why you’ll enjoy it: This tragicomedy series is famous for being humorous, believable, and cracking the fourth wall regularly. It comes with a sort of therapy when people realize the ‘real important’ things in their lives.
    Amazon Prime Video is where you can watch it.
  3. Big Little Lies
    In an idyllic seaside resort, mysteries, lies, and a killing steadily disrupt the beautiful happy story of a group of wealthy moms.
    Why you’ll like it: Big Little Lies is quite notable for representing the act of women’s unity, in addition to being delightfully spicy and tempting. It tackles the critical topics like domestic abuse, harassment, and mothering.
    Foxtel is the spot to experience this.
  4. Charmed
    It’s about three sisters who realize that they’re evil witches with special abilities. They combine their powers to create the ‘power of three’, which could combat the evil forces that have infiltrated the Planet.
    Why you’ll love it: There’s a reason Charmed survived eight seasons — it was that nice! It’s an excellent combination of strong empowering women, witches, and most importantly, relatives. Furthermore, the composition between the three main characters is fantastic.
    Stan is the spot to experience this.
  5. How To Get Away With Murder
    Annalise Keating, a criminal lawyer, forms a bunch of bright law students under her control. They’re all pulled into a murder scheme that aims to destabilize their life.
    Why you’ll like it: Shona Rhimes is the queen of badass women characters, and Annalise is no exception. Viola Davis is wise, creative, strong, and always captures the stage, which is a testimony to her brilliant performances. Drama, action, and perhaps a little love are all present in the plots.
    Netflix is where you can watch it.
  6. Veronica Mars
    The murder of a local high schooler creates a stir in the city of Neptune. For Veronica Mars, this leads to the death of her best buddy and the removal of her father from his position as nation magistrate. Later, Veronica’s father establishes a private investigator agency and assists her in her hunt for the attacker.
    Why you’ll like it: I recently watched the entire series of Veronica Mars again and was aware of how amazing this series is, despite its age. The personalities are complicated and nuanced (no one is good or bad). The central character, Veronica, is a pint-sized confident woman who never fails to offer a witty return.
    Stan is the spot to experience this.

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