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Best of Canary Islands For Every Holidaymaker

Seeking a holiday destination that’s worth every bit of your time? An abode in Canary Islands is what you should be looking for, as it will offer you the best of the Spanish Archipelago situated just Northwest of Africa.

With their extraordinary appeal, these little islands cater to holidaymakers of all ages, allowing them to enjoy every moment to the fullest. But the question is which one should you choose? It is an archipelago of seven islands with their own aspects and audience, a lot of consideration goes into picking a perfect holiday destination that you long for.

Here’s our guide to allow you to understand which Canary Island is the most suitable to you and your family:

  1. Tenerife – For a Little Bit of Everything
    The largest of the Canary Islands: Tenerife is one of the most popular islands catching the fancy of tourists looking for all – mountains, beaches, cities, villages and some hidden gems waiting to be explored. Offering something to suit every taste and type, you would be at a loss for words as this island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches.
    Tenerife never loses its appeal when it comes to playing host to mesmerizing fauna and flora. From national parks to an interesting volcanic landscape, to some of the intriguing museums and heritage sites carrying on their deep mystery, Tenerife is worthy of a visit. Keep away from hassles when getting around this gorgeous island as it has an efficient bus service. For someone who wishes to explore the island at their own pace and in their own style? A car rental is always a good idea.
  2. Fuerteventura – For Beach Lovers
    Fuerteventura, the oldest Canary Island and the windiest one, is unmistakably a beach lover’s paradise. This island has a lot in its store to offer every visitor doing their first time in terms of history and culture. The simple villages are the perfect examples of ancient Baroque architecture. Moreover, there are a number of old volcanoes that immensely talk about the dynamic natural history of this island.
  3. Gran Canaria – For Nature Lovers
    Home to some of the islands’ most historic sites, Gran Canaria promises loads of sunshine and plenty of different microclimates other than the year-round tropical weather as one of its offerings. When merged with striking scenery, this island is extremely popular with sports enthusiasts.
    Feel the action come alive when you indulge in water sports raising your adrenaline on any of the stunning 500 beaches. What’s more? Go hiking with a wide variety of hill walks through cave villages, mountains and lakes, all amidst the beautiful fauna and flora.
  4. Lanzarote – For the Cool Canaries
    Boasting its title “The Youngest of the Seven Main Islands”, Lanzarote seems to be aesthetically pleasing – expressing gratitude to César Manrique, who worked upon his innovative architectural style in order to prevent sky-high buildings on the island. Located on the eastern side of the archipelago and being one of the oldest, the terrain is marked by volcanic cones, which give this island a hypnotic appearance.
  5. La Palma – For Breathtaking Scenery
    Known as La Isla Bonita, La Palma is possibly the most gorgeous of the Canary Islands. Been declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve for its drape of mind-boggling scenery, this island mostly keeps away from skyscrapers and does not attract the same number of tourists as its cousins
    With unspoilt natural resources and marvelous landscapes, La Palma makes a perfect alternative to the more established Canary Islands.
  6. La Gomera – For an Outstanding Hiking Experience
    La Gomera, the second smallest island of all, is undoubtedly most appealing one. Shaped like an orange that’s been cut into half and divided into segments, the capital of San Sebastian de la Gomera is also the major port where Christopher Columbus set sail.
    Boasting of its largest tourist resort – Valle Gran Rey, enjoy hiking if you’re into some adventure. Head out to Hermigua town, believed to have the world’s best climate.
  7. El Hierro – For a Total Escape
    Which is the most magical island of all of the islands? It has to El Hierro. Filled with mystery at every corner you turn at, this island used to be the island at the edge of the world. There’s still a certain teaser in the air which you will crack without any hassles.
    With just 10,000 inhabitants, the island of El Hierro is cornered by crystal-clear waters which makes it a perfect diving spot. With an incredible depth of the ocean and serious shortage of visitors this island would welcome you in every sense of the word.
    Try activities such as horse riding, paragliding, mountain biking and a lot more if you admire living on the edge.
    Enjoy a climate that will make you feel full of life when you set all loose on one of the seven blissful Canary Islands. Taking a holiday in the Canary Island will let you live a lifetime’s worth of fond memories because you will discover why they are called the “Fortunate Islands” in no time. These diverse little isles having two things in common – year-round sunshine and cloudy tropical climates. Even some of the most stunning beaches in Europe can be found in Canary Islands.

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