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Best PR Agencies And Courses In Thailand

When we hear the name “Thailand”, almost instantly our mind brews up fascinating pictures of beaches and gorgeous destinations. The country which has an excellent infusion of both modern and ancient culture is famous as a holiday spot across the world.

However, that is not the only identity of Thailand. In contrast to its beautiful locales, the nation is a hub for bustling opportunities in Public Relations. So, if you are interested in either a course or a job in the PR domain, here is a list worth checking out.

  1. Bangkok University International
    Bangkok University is heralded for its creative learning experience that is further enriched by an extensive curriculum. With exposure to international programs, candidates will learn to develop professional skills needed for an international market. Apart from this, the competent faculty in the learning center help you lay a strong foundation for a career ahead. The university has also partnered with industry leaders and corporate partners to help students in every step. Perfect for all those who are looking to build their niche in Public Relations, Bangkok University has excellent opportunities at its core.
  2. Stamford International University
    If you are looking for an institute that offers excellent courses in PR, then look no further. Stamford University in Thailand has answers to all your career choices. The institute is focused on an innovative and interactive learning experience that helps candidates reap major outcomes. Established in 1995, Stamford has quickly become a global hub where students of over 100 nationalities participate. With a competitive environment, industry linkages, and international perspective, the college is best for studying PR courses.
  3. Midas PR Group
    Midas PR Group is one such talented agencies, that sticks to delivering results beyond expectations. The company has close to 14 years of experience in the PR industry and has established itself as a leading stalwart in the sector. In their huge span of experience, the firm has worked with sectors like health, legal, electronics, hospitality, sports, and technology. What makes the firm different is that they help your business grow profoundly due to the years of experience invested in the PR domain.
  4. Go Digital Marketing Agency
    Another top contender to sought for the PR domain is the Go Digital Marketing Agency. One of the prime factors that distinguish the company is its ability to innovate and evolve with the ever-changing digital landscape. From exceptional marketing strategies, SEO experience, in-depth knowledge, and great ROI Go Digital is leading the way in the PR sector. Thus, if you are interested in giving your business a 360-degree data-driven approach, then this is one organization to look up to.
  5. Vivaldi Integrated Public Relations
    Vivaldi PR agency is one such company that gives your brand a total makeover. The firm understands what it takes to sustain itself in the digital world and has the best of strategies queued up. From analyzing the business structure, decoding the demographics you aim at, to connecting the brand with end-users, everything is done with profound excellence. This is what makes the company stand out among the compatriots and makes it a top contender in the sector today.
  6. Moonshot Digital PR and Content Agency
    Moonshot Agency is a perfect combination of a group of talented individuals who create new things. Established in 2016, the company takes its work rather seriously and gives your brand a total makeover. With a strong penchant for content marketing, Moonshot will help your business strike a chord with both end audiences and international brands. This together makes it one of the best PR agencies to sign up for in Thailand.
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