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Royal Caravan Staycations Of The World

Caravan staycation is something which has been in the market for quite some time, however, it has never been a popular choice as people around think it is mostly for people who are elderly or for the ones who love nature a bit too much. The aura of caravan stay is altogether different as you are out in the open and can stop wherever and gaze at the stars where you find fit. During caravan holiday you are on a perfect road trip everything is available at your comfort to be it bed, amenities or any other facilities and the best part is you can have the view you like.

Below is a list of some of the best destinations where you can park your caravan have a look at the best view and whatnot:

  1. Ring Road, East Iceland
    Located at the Reydarfjordur in Iceland is a perfect getaway from the city hustle. It is stated amongst the most charming town in East Iceland. The view there treats to the eyes wherever you look you would only see water and mountains.  Other facilities available here are hot and cold water, electricity along with shower and waste disposal. Restaurants and supermarkets are not too far from this site.
  2. The Albanian River, Albania
    The Albanian river is a must-visit destination. It has a prolonged coastal road which would give you a view of bays and small towns nearby. The coastline is spread across 250km and some popular places here are Saranda and Himare beach. The eating joints there serve delicious seafood which you can enjoy along with the ocean view.
  3. The South Coast, UK 
    If you have a caravan you ought to visit this destination in England’s south coast area. Here is the shoreline along with small villages and vibrant towns surrounded by sweeping white cliffs. This place is 2 hours away from London towards Kent and an extra 10 hours drive which is along the coastline. The place has many camping grounds and pub car parks.
  4. Tiny Winding roads and Magical coastal lights in Cornwall, Cornwall
    This place is has a tapered peninsular in the southwest of Great Britain. Situated at the headland in the west this park is at walking distance from the beach and a town. The staff there is very friendly and serves authentic food. The place has a shower block and has a breathtaking view of the ocean as well as the Cornish hills.
  5. Salton Sea, California
    The Salton Sea is located in the southern part of California is the best spot for camping during winters. This lake in California is the largest and the best sunset view along with the view of the Chocolate Mountains. Around here you can visit a natural reserve and junk art. Different joints serve burgers, Mexican food, and donuts. If you want to witness posh-style camping you can book your stay at the Youth spa and enjoy the spa as well as the gym and hiking.
  6. Campervan New Zealand – Otago Peninsula
    The Otago peninsula stay is for all nature lovers. The destination is near Queenstown and Milford Sound. You can enjoy your drive through the hills, deserted beaches, and coves all the way. You can also witness seeing dolphins along the waves and whales from the Royal Albatross at Taiaroa hotel.
  7. Algarve Coast, Portugal 
    Located in Portugal this coast stretches up to 150kms along the southwest tip. It has coves, jagged cliffs, and golden beaches. There are a lot of beaches around this place along with dirt parking lots which are available only at booking. There are restaurants and dumping grounds nearby wherein you can buy things and also throw litter. Here you can either opt for free camping or can spend money and get all the amenities available at the caravan.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Royal Caravan Staycations Of The World
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