Thursday, June 17, 2021

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Philosophy Behind Success

Scientists like to put bullets to make things easier to analyze and they agree that there are 4 simple things that finally define our development in the workplace and our personal growth in general. Today we focus on these parameters that will let you see yourself thrive.

  1. Functionality
    Functionality is the criterion of all choices. The question we have to ask each time we are asked to make a decision is whether this is functional or not and if yes up to what extent this particular choice can help us. Does it help our personal development or does it help the group and the company?

    It is possible that a choice which helps the group will help us indirectly, besides we are a part of the group after all. Putting others first sometimes works in our favor more than it would if we chose to be selfish. Finding the equilibrium between those two is crucial and can make the difference between success and failure. We are often so absorbed by what is ethical that we tend to miss the point. Just think about how many times during the day we use the words ”good” and ”bad” or words with similar meanings.

    All this just to justify actions that should always answer the question ”does this help me or not?” Albert Einstein suggested that half of the solution to a problem lays on the correct definition of what the problem is. Having functionality as a leading parameter in our decisions is vital to put the reality into words and explain it to ourselves in a way that can only prove helpful.

  2. The filtering process
    If functionality is the criterion filter is the way. What do we mean by the term though? Psychologists have made it clear that the process of filtering situations and people is crucial to our development. Putting filters has to do with separating what is helpful and what not and keeping only the helpful stuff. Understanding what is good for you and your work is one thing but being able to keep the harmful stuff away is a whole different story. The process of filtering does not refer to the situation when you go ahead to resolve a problematic occasion to move on with fewer burdens in your work. Filtering is about not dealing with stuff that should not concern you. The art of ignoring tasks that will not help you evolve personally or as a group, or even avoiding communication with toxic people in the workplace, is complex. A lot harder than it sounds making yourself ”deaf” is something that in many cases has to be done. Filters will let only useful things meet your way and block all the dirt that would step along your way to success.
  3. The potential
    The beginning of all is realizing the potential. Living in the present with the luxuries and capacities that this can provide to you is an approach that will help you live a calm and quiet life. At the same time, there are plenty of possibilities and opportunities in the surrounding environment that are waiting for you to seize them. The moment you realize that all these stuff are closer than you may think, you open the door to the infinite. It is what we call ”the potential.”

    All of that has not yet been achieved but they are absolutely possible to be done. A road to healthy ambition begins to picture itself and the inner drive develops. Motivation is more visible because obstacles appear smaller in our eyes and vision grows bigger. Imagine the potential as a combination of self-confidence, faith, and ambition.

    Think about it as the moment that wings grow on our bodies and we are ready to fly for the first time. Think of a world where inertia didn’t exist and every single small movement led to constant flow, a world without obstacles, a world without brakes. As poetic as this may sound, it is the driving force to do stuff. Understanding that the individual itself is capable and responsible for every subsequent action.

  4. The actions
    The last important step of self-development and successful leadership lays in action. Of course, there are plenty of other parameters such as the evaluation of the results, etc but the breaking point to success starts where humans stop thinking and start doing. Most of the encouraging results will come once you do the first step. Ancient Greek philosophers used to say ”The start is the half all.” Mistakes come later and how we can handle them is another discussion but the reality is no action, no result.

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