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Best Universities To Learn Animation In Japan For 2021

The animation industry is a relatively new concept for most parts of the world; however, Japan has been in the animation industry and rocking it for decades now. The animation industry is not a cakewalk for everyone but if you do have the eagerness to learn more and be a well-recognized animation star then there should be no looking back or thinking twice.

Here is a list of the best universities in Japan where you can learn animation:

  1. Tokyo Designer School (Toukyou Dezaina Gakuin)
    Located at Suragadai Chiyoda-ku Tokyo this school is amongst the best animation school not only in Japan but in the entire world. The school covers lot many genres of designing to meet the industries’ needs. Tokyo designer school is famous in the industry was its outstanding contribution over the years.  The students here can participate in many activities along that the school has many collaborative activities where one can always enroll and learn more.
  2. Yoyogi Animation School (Yoyogi Animeshon Gakuin) 
    This school located at Yoyogi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo is Japan’s largest animation as well as art institute which also is said to be in the top ten list of best animation colleges and schools in the world. To enroll in school, one has to have a great command of the Japanese language. The school has about 12 campuses in just the main cities of Japan with over 800 plus candidates. The environment and features of all the campuses are different from the other ones and give a great opportunity to all the candidates to learn more.
  3. Toei Animation Institute (Toei Animeshyon Kenkyuujyou) 
    Toei is one the best animation institute in Japan and its campus is located in Surugadai Kanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. The institute is famous for the development power as well as its class apart strategies to produce comparable sales. The institute is owned by the famous Toei company which has given out many famous series like Dragon Ball, Sailor moon, slam dunk, and many more such famous anime series.
  4. Tokyo Animation School (Toukyou Animeta Gakuin) 
    If you dream to become an animator, voiceover artist, or cartoonist this school is the best for you. The school is located at Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, and is also one of the best in Japan. To get admission here one should have at least passed high school graduation. The school runs around 2 to 3 courses every year at rates that are affordable for everyone as they believe in teaching everyone who has a passion for the industry as well as skills. The school also has national as well as international scholarship programs.
  5. Kyoto Seika University 
    Kyoto is a private university in Iwakura, Kyoto, Japan founded in the year 1968 and started its operation in the year 1979. The school is known worldwide for its faculties which are a major part of manga as well as anime that involves teaching and taking the candidate a benchmark ahead. The major faculties available here are art, design, pop culture, humanities, and some associated graduate schools. The courses offered here are of different levels such as education degree, bachelor’s degree, doctorate and that as well in different study areas.
  6. Tokyo Media Academy (Tokyo Anime Seiyu Senmon School) 
    The Tokyo media academy is located at Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, and is considered a very homely school. The main idea of the academy is to support the student so that their dream comes true. Every year the academy accepts around 155 students for courses available there in the academy. The academy is famous for getting a student ready for the hiccups in industry and trains them well as a voice-over artist.
CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Best Universities To Learn Animation In Japan For 2021
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