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Top Colleges To Learn Carnatic Music In India

Music is a thing that has no boundaries. One can be of whatever age they will still be grooving along with the music. Everyone has their favourite genres of music. People have a love for instruments as well and learn different types of instruments. In India, Carnatic music has been in the roots for ages and has been loved as well.

Here is the list of top colleges where you can enroll yourself and learn Carnatic music in India:

  1. ITC Sangeet Research Academy
    ITC has played a very important role in keeping the love for traditional music alive even in this century where teenagers love hip-hop and rock this academy gives away classes where one can learn traditional music styles. The training here is modern yet old school as they believe in the Guru-Shishya bond and treat both the lots equally. ITC sangeet research academy follows some basic criteria like using of their rooted tradition in modern ways along with that highlighting the music whilst promoting it to a better level.
  2. Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music 
    The Swarnabhoomi academy of music was established around Chennai on the outskirts and has been on the list of the best music academies in the country. According to recent studies, it is the largest music academy in South Asia where different genres like rock, jazz, and other types of world music are taught. The academy offers a variety of courses to the scholars such as a diploma course in music performance, technical diploma for students who aspire to become music engineers in the music technology and audio engineering industry. The academy has a basic motto to teach the scholars the best and give train them to be great at what they do. The faculties in the academy are experts in the field and maintain a long-term relationship with music.
  3. KMMC (KM Music Conservatory)
    KMMC is said it be one of its kind in India and was established in the year 2008 by the very famous A.R. Rahman Foundation. This academy is located at the heart of the Chennai film industry and music industry. the academy offers a variety of courses which are both part-time as well as full-time courses in Hindustani and also western classical music and music technology. The academy offers and welcomes people of all ages and abilities. The academy has a commercial recording house and has a special school named The Sunshine Orchestra just for unprivileged students.
  4. Madras Music Academy 
    The Madras music academy was founded in the year 1928 is one of the oldest music academies in India along with that the academy has always set a benchmark in the history in the genre of fine arts. The academy has been time and again recognized for its contribution to popularising Carnatic music. The academy is recognized as the best to learn Carnatic music style which is an Indian classical music type. The academy was inaugurated on August 18, 1928, at the famous YMCA auditorium. It started hosting conferences and music events from the year 1929 which started the famous Madras music festival which is one of the biggest musical events.
  5. Shankar Mahadevan Academy 
    The academy is founded by the very famous Indian singer Shankar Mahadevan and has been helping and aspiring the students one on one as well as online with their different programs available. The academy gives privilege to students where they can opt for courses which are led by the teachers or self-study or even a type center courses. The faculties are experts in the field as well as knowledgeable and encouraging towards the students. Other than that the curriculum of the academy is well structured along with very well-defined milestones.
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