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Top Colleges Offering Botany Major In The USA

Botany as a subject has continued to keep students interested for generations now. The discipline has made it possible for us to know more about plants, metabolism, cellular structure, and more in a fascinating way.

But did you know that not all colleges are blessed with an extensive curriculum related to the subject matter? The continental US has a list of the best universities that help students to gain a wider perspective in Botany.

Let us check out in detail why these colleges are way ahead of the other compatriots.

  1. Princeton University
    Princeton University is heralded as one of the oldest and prestigious institutes in the US. Founded way back in 1746, the college moved to its current location in New Jersey in 1896. The university has around 10,000 students in total and is considered among the Ivy League colleges. While several faculty members have been awarded Nobel Prize, the institute is one of the top choices when it comes to studying Botany Major.
  2. California Institute of Technology
    The California Institute of Technology is one institute that marshals the brightest minds in the world. With over 1,200 graduate students and renowned faculties, studying at the college will surely help you in your career. From an extensive curriculum in Botany major to a global atmosphere, the institute serves as a stepping stone towards a bright future.
  3. Harvard University
    Founded in 1636, Harvard University is towards excellence in teaching, learning, and research. What makes the institute different from the rest is its continuous strive to push boundaries and mitigate the difference between teaching and research. Students who take up Botany Major at Harvard get a chance of learning about the discipline with a practical approach.
  4. University of Pennsylvania
    The University of Pennsylvania is another of the top Ivy League colleges in the USA. Located in Philadelphia the college was established in 1740 and has in total over 10,000 students. With strong foundations in both teaching and research, the University is the best choice for people who want to study Botany Major.
  5. Columbia University
    Columbia University is situated in the Big Apple and provides students with several opportunities. With a sturdy focus on academics, research, and above all practical application, the college prepares students for the future ahead. From a global atmosphere and plenty of opportunities, the university serves as a great platform for studying Botany Major.
  6. University of Chicago
    Established in 1890, the University of Chicago has a remarkable distinction in producing 92 Nobel laureates. The institute has bagged accolades of being a top educational institution across the globe. One of the best choices for students who want to pursue a Botany Major, the college is a burgeoning ground for opportunities and research.
  7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a privately controlled educational institute that started in 1863. Known for its extensive curriculum, the college helps students to forge ahead in their careers. From renowned faculties to various opportunities in learning, MIT is opted by students across the world.
  8. Stanford University
    Stanford University is one of the top colleges in the USA. The college has more than 16,000 students and offers disciplines like botany, environmental sciences, humanities, and sports. With a wide range of opportunities at the core, Stanford is the best choice for students who wish to make an advent in their careers.
  9. Yale University
    Ever since its inception, Yale University has made a strong foothold in the field of academics. The institute has been dedicated to expanding and sharing innovation, knowledge, and thus has become a flag bearer of Botany studies. While the curriculum is extensive the career opportunities for Botany Major students are profound, thus making the college one of its kind.

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