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Top Colleges For Data Science In New York

Data scientist is a much sought-after profession in today’s world. This career choice is exponentially on the rise due to the demand for a data-driven business approach. On the surface level, it might seem that data scientists are just individuals fascinated with numbers and analytics. But the job role has so much to offer.

As a data scientist, you not only learn to analyze but leverage both technology and social science to uncover business solutions.

So, what is holding you up? Get set to build a career in data science with the best colleges in New York.

  1. Syracuse University
    Syracuse University is one of the most sought-after institutes in the big apple. Founded in 1870, the private college has an undergraduate enrollment of over 15,000. Syracuse University also has a vast and extensive curriculum in data science and thus is a top choice for all candidates interested in this career.
  2. Clarkson University
    Clarkson University is an internationally ranked institute in Postdam, New York. Founded in 1896, the college offers a master’s degree in Data Science, which can be pursued both online and offline. The course and great career outcomes together make the institute perfect for an aspiring data scientist.
  3. Columbia University
    The university is a huge beckoning for students interested in learning Data Science. What makes the institute even more perfect, is the career opportunities it provides to students. With a diverse curriculum in Data Science, a degree from Columbia University will sure help you earn a reputed job in this career path.
  4. Cornell University
    For all those who want to earn a career as a data scientist, New York City offers you an endless list of colleges. And one among them is Cornell University. The institute has a reputation of being the best and offers a Master’s degree in Data Science. A perfect choice for all the upcoming aspirants!
  5. CUNY- The City College of New York
    One of the premier institutions in the “Big Apple” is the City College of New York. Known for its free-thinking approach, the college empowers students to learn and reach beyond the realms of normal education. The wide and extensive curriculum of the college has a master’s degree in Data Science and Engineering which helps candidates carve a niche easily.
  6. Fordham University
    New York as a city might be lauded for several accomplishments, but the education here also excels. One of the top institutes in the city is the Fordham University which offers a master’s degree in Data analytics. From best mentors to world-class education, the university is a pedestal for all those heading towards a career choice as a data scientist.
  7. New York University
    The New York University is another premium college to opt for a career as a data scientist. Known for having the best faculty and a diverse community of students, the college has carved a reputation for itself. One of the best options in the city for studying Data Science, the college is lauded for its global curriculum.
  8. Rochester Institute of Technology
    Founded in 1829, the Rochester Institute of Technology is known for its creativity and innovation. The diverse and collaborative community of socially conscious minds makes it a harbinger for learning. Another great aspect of the college is that it has academic opportunities in Data Science as well, which makes it best for students.
  9. Utica College
    Utica College is a private institute in New York City. The college has a unique approach to higher learning which is coupled with innovation. For all those interested in a career as Data Scientists, the institute has an online master’s degree to study the discipline.
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