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How To Build A Successful Loving Relationship

Whether you are in a marriage or whether you live together with your partner and no matter whether you have kids or not the keys to a successful long-term relationship are common. Five simple ways to protect your marriage or relationship are presented for you with the hope to embrace them and put them into practice.

  1. Treat your relationship as a fragile object
    Keep in mind that a relationship is a living creature and only if you water your love garden will your flowers stay alive. As easy it is for two people to come together it is ten times easier to step apart. Small things you can do to light the fire between you two may be more important than you imagine. Taking care of yourself and your physical appearance is a perfect example of this action. At the same time, you have to take care of your partner as well. Surprise them with gifts or show them your appreciation in every possible way.

  2. Have open discussions when things go wrong
    Don’t give the silent treatment when your beloved one wants to gain your attention about something they dislike. At the same time, you can’t accept a similar behavior from them either. Silence may mean many things. Sometimes, people are silent in an attempt to underline how mad they are. In other cases, they feel disappointed and they believe the discussion will not lead anywhere. However, it always works the wrong way. Deep communication and understanding should be a priority. Getting the other person to talk is the first step to make things work. Once they are ready to take that road with you let’s see how you can make this dialogue productive.

  3. Don’t play the blame game
    Remember why we said some people often prefer not to speak about what’s bothering them? Well, listening to others blaming them is a wonderful example. Putting the blame on the other person is the number one way to lose their trust. If you want people to open up you have to cultivate an atmosphere that is friendly for them. A safe playground to let their feelings grow. Otherwise, they become defensive and they adopt the same behavior or they stop talking and refuse communication. It is practically up to you to make the other person be on your side or against you.

  4. Make physical contact your priority
    Physical contact can increase serotonin levels. The ‘love hormone’ is activated when we touch each other. Touching is a magnificent way to show your affection and let intimacy grow. It is also a step to successful sex life. External affairs are one of the most common reasons that lead people to break up or get divorced and affairs come as a result of the lack of sex in a relationship. Even if some of our needs are covered by our partner, the need for physical connection is always present and cannot be underestimated. To spice things up you can change your clothing, for example. If sex is not your priority you can still find space for hugs and any type of physical contact. Getting physical and touchy is not something you have to do if you don’t enjoy it. It is just something that most people find pleasing in an unexpected way and we suggest you give it a try.

  5. Find time for your partner on a daily basis
    Spending time together is an excellent opportunity to keep your connection with your life-partner. A couple needs to have a few hours every day to be together. You may prefer to talk, make love, cook, or simply stay silent. Whatever you chose to do in this ”alone time” is welcome. The moments a couple spends for themselves are precious. Especially when kids appear in the picture they can be a great source of distraction leading couples to be absorbed by their parental role and lose focus on their partner. No matter what the situation is make sure time is something no one will take away from you two. You may even choose to start a sport together or an activity that will allow you to see each other more often. Taking care of careers and kids is not working on a marriage’s side.

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