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How To Adapt At Work

Adapting to a new environment is always a challenge. The fear of something new is the fear of the unknown. Actually, to be afraid of things you are not familiar with is not only common but also natural. It is the automatic way our bodies and minds have developed to avoid danger. This is why our reaction to changes is so spontaneous. You will be surprised to know that adaptation has a lot to do with intelligence.

Today we know intelligence is not only about being good in math or science, however, but a famous scientist also gave a solid definition a few years ago. Albert Einstein defined intelligence as the state where adapting to a new environment is easy for us. He did not say what kind of environment and this is why his definition is so successful and broad. He also did not examine the reasons why one person would adapt quicker compared to another one. On the contrary, he focused on the results, meaning whether someone made it or not. But what happens in real life? How will we react when we have to change our working environment?

Research shows that as years pass people will have to change jobs more and more often. They may change the core subject of their work or they might change companies to help their career grow. In any case, adapting to a new environment will always be an issue. Let’s see what you can do to make things work on your side.

  1. Care about what you can control
    When we get overwhelmed with stress we become control freaks and try to get everything done. However, in a working environment, we are not alone and there are responsibilities for everybody. Instead of worrying about things, you cannot change, and that it is probably not your responsibility to change them, try to stay focused only on what you can do.
  2. Connect with your coworkers
    One of the things that change when you change career or you go to another company is the team you are going to work with. Getting to know them will make you feel at home and you start to be calmer about the new situation you have to deal with. They will give you some insight into how things work plus you might get to know people with who you will become friends in the future. At the same time, let them know that you are also there for them to help. In the meanwhile, it wouldn’t hurt if you stay connected to your previous colleagues as well, at least until you feel safe in the new environment.
  3. Don’t stop your development
    Remember you are in a new job right at the start of a fresh beginning. Continue to educate yourself and be curious about your job. New opportunities are waiting for you to discover them on your way to success. Attend conferences, webinars, and podcasts, Red news, and stay updated for anything that comes along. Remember your CV will continue to grow as your experience grows. Together with that, new skills that you learn along the way will help you stand out from the competition in the future.
  4. Try to be positive
    Staying positive may sound like a cliché but still, it is more than important. Actually being positive is a matter of decision. Once you realize that being positive is a part of the game and probably one of the reasons for your future success you will automatically change your behavior towards life in general. Look at your new job as an opportunity and not as a necessary challenge you have to overcome to stay safe. Cultivating a vision for the future can be a great help in that direction. Accept the situation and the fact that change is constant.
  5. Set goals once again
    Providing a clear set of goals for the new job will help your mind stay focused. Knowing what you have to do will help your attention go in the desired direction. Away from the stress of the unknown, knowing what your job is and what your goals in your career are will simplify the process for you.

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