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Featured Story: Richest Taiwanese Billionaires In 2021 (Taiwan’s Wealthiest)

With a net worth of roughly $13.8 billion, Zhang Congyuan (張聰淵), founder of contract shoemaker Huali Industrial, is the richest person in Taiwan, followed by brothers Tsai Hong-tu (蔡宏圖) and Tsai Cheng-ta (蔡政達) of Cathay Financial (No. 2, $9.2 billion); Brothers Daniel Tsai (蔡明忠) and Richard Tsai (蔡明興) of Fubon Financial (No. 3, $7.9 billion); and brothers Wei Ing-chou (魏應州), Wei Ying-chiao (魏應交), Wei Yin-Chun (魏應充) and Wei Yin-hen (魏應行) of food conglomerate Ting Hsin International Group (No. 4, $7.8 billion).

Brothers Jason Chang (張虔生) and Richard Chang (張洪本) of IC packaging and testing ASE Group are the fifth-richest person in Taiwan, with $7.2 billion. Terry Gou (郭台銘), founder of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, the world’s largest contract electronics maker, ranked 6th with a personal wealth of $7.1 billion, followed by Tsai Eng-meng (蔡衍明), chairman of the food conglomerate Want Want Group with $6.3 billion.

Barry Lam (林百里), chairman of contract notebook computer maker Quanta Computer Inc. is placed 8th with a net worth of $5.7 billion. Pierre Chen (陳泰銘), chairman of passive electronics component maker Yageo Corp occupied the 9th position on the top 10 richest people in Taiwan list, followed by Lin Shu-hong (林書鴻), chairman of petrochemical supplier Chang Chun Group (No. 10, $4.7 billion).

Taiwan’s top 10 richest people are collectively worth an estimated $73.4 billion, which is greater than the individual GDPs of Croatia, Lithuania and Angola, according to a recent CEOWORLD magazine report.

Richest Taiwanese Billionaires In 2021

RankNameTotal net worthSource of wealth
1Zhang Congyuan$13.8 billionHuali Industrial
2Tsai Hong-tu and Cheng-ta$9.2 billionCathay Financial Holding
3Daniel Tsai and Richard Tsai$7.9 billionFubon Financial
4Wei Ing-chou, Ying-chiao, Yin-chun, and Yin-heng$7.8 billionWei Chuan Foods Corporation
5Jason Chang and Richard Chang$7.2 billionAdvanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (ASE Group)
6Terry Gou$7.1 billionHon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd (Foxconn)
7Tsai Eng-meng$6.3 billionSnack Food company Want Want China
8Barry Lam$5.7 billionQuanta Computer
9Pierre Chen$4.9 billionYageo, an electronics-component maker
10Lin Shu-hong$4.7 billionChang Chun Group
11Samuel Yin$4.3 billionRuentex Group
12Andre Koo, Sr.$3.8 billionChailease Holding
13Tsai Ming-kai$3.3 billionMediaTek
14Rudy Ma$3.2 billionYuanta Financial
15Morris Chang$2.8 billionTaiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing
16Douglas Hsu$2.7 billionFar Eastern Group
17Tseng Cheng and Tseng Sing-ai$2.65 billionChang Chun Group
18Lin Ming-hsiung$2.5 billionPxmart supermarket
19K.C. Liu (Liu Ko-chen)$2.4 billionAdvantech Co Ltd
20Bruce Cheng$2.4 billionDelta Electronics Inc.
21T.Y. Tsai$2.4 billionCathay Life Insurance
22Wang Chou-hsiong$2.2 billionFeng Tay Enterprises
23Lin Chen-hai$2.2 billionPau Jar Group
24Scott Lin$2 billionLargan Precision
25Chin Jong Hwa$2 billionAuto-parts supplier Minth
26Chen Tei-fu$1.9 billionSunrider
27Chao Teng-hsiung$1.8 billionFarglory Group
28William Wang and Wilfred Wang$1.8 billionFormosa Plastics Group
29Shi Wen-long$1.8 billionChi Mei Corp.
30Luo Ming-han and Tsai-jen Lo$1.75 billionCheng Shin Rubber
31Xie Weitong$1.8 billionZhejiang Huayou Cobalt
32Chen Yung-tai$1.7 billionAurora Corp.
33Tony Chen$1.6 billionLargan Precision
34Thomas Wu$1.6 billionTaishin Financial Holdings
35Cho Jyh-jer$1.6 billionMediaTek
36Archie Hwang$1.5 billionHermes-Epitek Corp.
37Yeh Kuo-I$1.3 billionInventec
38Shirley Kao$1.3 billionUni-President
39Eugene Wu$1.3 billionShin Kong Financial
40Wang Ren-sheng$1.2 billionDennis Group
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