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Avoiding Marriage? – All The Motivation Behind It

It is our times’ phenomenon that fewer and fewer people decide to get married. Are you trying to convince your other half to go to the church with you? Of course, we refer to the situations where the other person has found the love of their lives and not to those who simply don’t want to marry you particularly. In any case, it is a totally respected point of view which has a place in today’s world. If you understand their mindset, it would be easier to communicate and not let this disagreement come between you two and create further problems.

Here are some reasons why they might be avoiding the situation.

  1. They have already married at least once
    Well, if they have already married and they are now single, this means they have divorced as well. A negative previous experience can lead to a number of fears in the future. Besides having done something at least once, means you have already tasted how it is to be in that situation. If you were once curious to find out what it is like to be married, now you know. All the magic has disappeared and even if you are still not against it you are neither fond of finding out this path in life. People who have a failed marriage in their ”resume” are less likely to go down the same road again. We all tend to use previous experiences as a reference about what’s right and wrong and this is a perfect example.
  2. They don’t believe in marriage
    More and more people nowadays tend to believe that marriage is absolutely useless. The idea that you have to seal your commitment with an oath seems so old-fashioned that some people refuse to follow this direction. In addition, people turn to be less and less religious and the ceremony means nothing if you don’t believe in God. In other words lack of strong motivation seems to be the reason in this case, so that people stay away from the whole marriage concept. They might live together and even have kids and never move to the next step. Besides, nothing proves that if a wedding takes place the breaking up is less possible to occur, so why would someone bother in the first place?

  3. What if things go wrong?
    This is a common question people ask when they are about to make a big decision. The fear of messing up may stand along the way for many steps in our lives. The reality is that marriage sounds like such a heavy step, that it is natural to think two times before you move into it. However, there is always a balance between the fear of mistake and the spontaneous reaction of doing what your heart is set to.
  4. The expenses are huge
    The wedding industry is so growing so fast because it is extremely profitable. A young couple is not always ready to afford big bucks over their wedding. Some people think this is just a party that will last one day and they prefer to save the money they would spend on that to go on a fancy trip or make a vital investment that will change their lives in a more significant way. In an attempt to avoid saying the truth about their financial situation you may hear them say all kinds of excuses why they don’t get married. On the other hand, there are those who will openly admit they have different criteria about the handling of their finances and a big wedding will not serve their interests.

  5. A reaction to what society wants and a clear statement
    In many cases, the wrong reasons are plenty and they dominate over the one important reason of simply finding your perfect mate and wanting to be with them. As a reaction to the circus that many times is forced on us, some people will refuse anything that sounds like a social ”must.” People can take a kind of revenge over their parents for example by not going with the flow as their parents would wish. At the same time, this can act as a clear statement to the society of what their beliefs regarding many issues are.
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