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6 Ideas On How To Build A Unique And Profitable Restaurant

Restaurants have been trying to become unique for many years now. Do you remember the trends where one restaurant would offer only one delicacy and would specialize in that in a way that would attract a large audience? For example, potatoes that are cooked in many different ways. Others would pick a theme and build their business around it. Like ”sexy” restaurants where the menu was oriented to sex and the staff was dressed accordingly making ”inappropriate” jokes to the customers and helping them get in the mood. All this has come to add value to the initial product which is the food. It helps businessmen justify a higher price on the menu and it attracts more clients. Well, times have changed and there are new trends.

Here are some suggestions to help you stay in fashion.

  1. Include tasting rooms
    As rare as this may sound, it is a real concept. It is applied in alcohol tasting and it is a perfect idea to make your guests feel comfortable in case they want to taste other stuff before ordering them. Try to think like a customer. How many times have you been to an expensive restaurant holding the menu in your hands and not being able to decide which would be the best choice? Now imagine having the opportunity to have a small bite before you order. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

  2. Adopt a different tip policy
    It is already a fact that some restaurants give higher wages to their employees and they have actually adopted a model where the staff shares some of the profits. At the same time, waiters are not allowed to get any tips from clients. This sounds like a good idea for many people who want to try something new. Besides, the tip is kind of included in the price, so the customer knows that workers are not underpaid. This way the staff will have a fair salary no matter whether the restaurant is full of people or not.
  3. Try the pop-up restaurant idea
    What is the pop-up restaurant? Well instead of building your restaurant to a specific place you can open a restaurant for a few months or even days in a neighborhood where you think this will be a success. It can be a small structure with tents or you can go to an existing place like a bar, and take some space to offer your services. This will create a buzz around your business and if at some point you decide to settle down at one place the whole town will know about you. What a better way to advertise your business, right?
  4. Partner with locals
    To add a little extra to your business you can extend your horizons and make a few partnerships with other businesses as well. A perfect example of that would be to partner with local breweries or wine producers. Customers will have the opportunity to taste unique stuff and combine the experience of different producers in one place. A move like that also helps you in terms of advertising. Consider that your partners will love to talk your place out since they offer their own products there.
  5. Rotate your chefs
    A restaurant is basically a tasting experience and many people who want to go out to a restaurant, don’t want to just cover their basic need to eat. Cooking has become so popular through TV nowadays and people are interested in exploring that part of life as an art. You can invite new chefs to your restaurant every couple of months and let them show their potential through their menus. The process introduces chefs to a healthy competition and one thing is for sure: They will try to stand out and do their best. In the meanwhile, customers will come to your restaurant again every time you change a chef to see what the new one is willing to provide. In other words, you turn your restaurant into a live museum and a place where different gastronomic ”opinions” can be discussed.

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  6. Make your home a restaurant
    This is a rather fancy idea and it may not work for many people but it has proven very popular for many. The concept is that you turn the dining of your house into a restaurant. You can only work with reservations and you will accept one company each night. Considering that, the prices of these restaurants are quite high for customers so you should have a terrific chef to pull out this one. People make a reservation at your place and you all sit at the table together. In other words, clients have lunch with the stuff together as you would do if you had friends invited at home. The atmosphere is friendly and that’s what most clients love about it. Some people prefer this model and believe it or not it works.

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