Monday, June 21, 2021

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3 Daily Choices That Improve Productivity and Build Consistent Momentum

Kishshana Palmer

Time is one resource you can’t duplicate despite our desire to have more of it. You may understand this, which means there needs to be another way to leverage the time you already have to get more done and accomplish your goals.

The habits you’re cultivating are an indicator of how you’ll spend each day and whether or not you’ll make progress. Investing time, resources, and energy into intentional choices is a solid strategy to get more accomplished.

Right now can be a time in your life in which you focus, optimize, and create routines that are efficient and bring you closer to your vision of a successful life. Here are three daily choices that build momentum, improve productivity, and help leaders show up powerfully.

Strategically Plan Your Boundaries and Feel Good When You Keep Them

As a successful leader, you will have no shortage of people and situations that want a piece of your time and try to draw your bandwidth. The people-pleaser human emotion can put leaders in a place where they’re saying yes instead of saying no when they know they should.

One way to optimize your time is by setting boundaries. Another level to this optimization strategy is by planning the boundaries you’ll place each day and honor yourself by keeping them — no matter what.

Whether it’s the night before, once a week, every month or all of it used strategically, you need some planning regarding what you’ll allow and what’s non-negotiable.

When optimizing your planning, you would look at your schedule and decide what will be work blocks, when you’ll open time to respond to email and social media messages, and how much bandwidth you give to outside influences.

You have to be the one in control and dictate what works for you. If you let outside circumstances influence your schedule and violate your boundaries, you won’t have the time you need. You’ll feel frustrated towards yourself for not honoring the boundaries you set.

Get strategic with your daily planning and feel a sense of accomplishment when you refuse to let outside influences control or dictate how you’ll spend your time. The success you seek lies in your implementation of boundary setting and intentional growth-focused choices.

Optimize Your Energy Through Nutrition, Movement, and Variety

One efficient way to significantly improve productivity is through the optimization of energy mastery. You’ll need a lot of energy to work harder, in longer blocks, and have fuel to get through each day.

There are many great articles about nutrition and what kind of food either helps or hurts energy. I won’t touch on that. Two areas that aren’t covered as much are movement and variety.

Your mental state and emotions affect the actions you take and how consistently you can work. If you do not feel as if you’re in a peak state, you can use physical movement to change your attitude. There are a lot of tangible and practical benefits associated with regularly moving your body.

It’s essential to get up more often during your workday — you’re not a robot. You can use a standup desk and frequent movement breaks to get more done — these things help you move and change your state each time.

The variety of what you spend your time on will also affect your productivity. All work and that work being on the same things can get boring quickly. Creating a schedule in which you mix it up more often will keep your mind entertained.

Work Hard in Blocks That Are Incentivized 

Time-batching and blocking are effective strategies to get more done in a focused way. One optimization adjustment you can make is to incentive your work blocks. You create little rewards for honoring your boundaries and sticking to your schedule.

That reward can be a non-work fun block, some time blocks listening to music or taking phone calls with colleagues. The general idea is to give yourself things to look forward to for all of your hard work.

All work without breaks will break you. Working hard with no reward for the progress you’re making is not inspiring and leads to burnout sooner than you realize. It would help if you had an element of excitement in your work — it trains your brain to anticipate the benefits of working hard.

The momentum you create through the optimization of your daily habits is how you accomplish goals, stop putting things off, and make more progress with the time you do have.

The important lesson is that you make choices you feel good about and align with your value and purpose. It’s an opportunity to take better care of yourself and optimize the work you’re doing.

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