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In Conversation with Anil Pandey: How to Manage Restaurant Business During COVID-19

Anil Pandey, President at Motherland Nepal

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many restaurant owners to close their stores for the time being and the rest of us to limit activities outside the home. While everyone looks for different ways to spend their downtime, this could be an excellent opportunity for you to analyze some marketing activities in your restaurant to keep yourself in the minds of your diners.

We gained credible insights from Anil Pandey, a pioneer of the restaurant business and who happens to be the President of a nonprofit organization called Motherland Nepal. He is also the CEO of M&M Thread Salon, Inc. and Everest Cuisine Team Food Services.

Pandey shares, “staying in touch with your customers while your store is closed is a very important part of weathering the storm” A 90% drop in sales and a closure of at least 30% of restaurants have been reported before the close of March 2020. These figures may increase during the evolution of COVID-19.

That said, just because your diners have been forced to self-isolate doesn’t mean they can’t support you online. The new reality for restaurant owners is that digitization isn’t a unique differentiator – it’s the entry price.

This article will show you some restaurant management tactics that will keep you connected to your current diners and introduce you to new diners even while your location is closed. Anil Pandey brings his exclusive insights, which can help restaurant owners and hospitality entrepreneurs thrive.

After the hospitality sector’s closure, at least when it comes to eating on-site, a new, unflattering panorama appears that restaurants will have to face to survive in the best way possible.

Although now it may seem like a drag on your survival as a restaurant, the situation is not their fault, and only with good communication, sensible agreements, and clear management of the situation, you can reinforce your image as a leader so that everyone understands the need to fight for a common goal.

Government announcements on laws or economic measures are many and varied during this state of alarm, therefore keeping up to date with all this news together with your labor, tax, and accounting advisers will help you make the best decisions in the shortest possible time.

There are many actions that we can do from home to improve our restaurants. How long have you not had time to make some good recipes? To think about how your concept can be more powerful. To adapt the gastronomic offer to the new season. To look for new suppliers or analyze the current conditions with each one? To learn to do the “Menu Engineering” and analyze yourself better? …

“It is a good time to stop, even if it is out of obligation, and self-analyze how your business is going. Take a kind of X-ray of your project’s current situation before the crisis and adapt the business plan to its effects. Being proactive and analyzing the future is a good way not to ruin ourselves along the way,” adds Pandey.

Nobody can come to our restaurant, but that still does not mean that we cannot send food to your home. Therefore, it is important to stop for a day and brainstorm to increase our sales through this new market.

They say that in times of crisis, the greatest opportunities arise, and it is true. It is a perfect time to get to know yourself better, get to know you, and give your customers solutions who will then thank you as a brand. The value of the brand is not only the monthly billing.

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