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How To Recruit A Successful Team

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Make a planL To start with, you have to know what you expect your team to do. Which are the upcoming projects your company has to deliver? How big do you expect it to grow? How many people will you need and for what tasks? While this may seem obvious, the significance here lays to the point where you have to make all these questions for the long-term evolvement of your business. Imagine that you hire people who will stick to your team and will become valuable employees in the future. In a couple of years, they will be aware of how the business works and there will be good communication between you two.

Hire teams not individuals: Hiring people to do a particular task is not so hard. However, one has to think that these people are going to be a part of a whole team. Consider that a team is a unity which will start acting like one, once the member obtains good communication with each other. Try to fill in the gaps between what you have and what you need. You don’t want people of one single personality type in your team. They will not get along with each other and they will not have to contribute too much to your team. Go for diversity and things will start rolling without too much effort.

Keep a clear process: In big companies each department has to have an automated way to work, otherwise, you just reinvent the wheel. The same thing applies to the hiring process. Have a list of what you are looking for and all the ways that will ensure that the process points out the right direction when it comes to candidate selection. This is what Human Resources are for, make sure they work correctly, and if your business is smaller and doesn’t have an HR department imitate the way they work and adapt their processes in your own company.

Reconsider the importance of experience: The experience a certain candidate has is surely crucial but nowadays it is overrated. There are plenty of beginners out there who hadn’t had the chance to prove their good performance. These people are often more eager to prove their skills that most of the time they are more than adequate. Their lack of experience acts as a motivation to work harder. We don’t suggest you trust them with the most responsible positions in your company but you will be surprised to find out what young people with fresh ideas have to offer.

Keep a standby-candidates list: Hiring the perfect team may be the goal but it doesn’t mean you will achieve it all at once. Perhaps, you will have to fire someone in the future. It is important to keep track of those who have handed a resume and especially those who have made it to the interview process. If you need to ”rearrange” the situation in your business, you will have a pool of candidates to pick from.

Ask your existing team: People who already work for you, have a clear understanding of what the office needs. If you ask them to share their opinion they will be more than happy to do it. They know that the people who will get hired will be a part of the team. They will love to have good workers and people they can cooperate with and finally people that will make their life easier in the working place rather than create problems. People who already work for you have a deep perspective over the issues and they are in the ”heart” of the problem when it comes to what the company lacks.

Look for personalities, not skills: A resume is a quick way to see what the candidates have done with their lives so far but the importance of the interview is greater. Do you want to deal with employees or entrepreneurs? How important is smartness for you? Most of the time, one of the most vital issues a boss has to deal with is that people will not take initiative. They may be willing to complete several tasks but you have to reconsider; do you want to work with people who need to have clear directions in order to move on or do you need smart individuals in your team who will be able to be both cooperative and responsible at the same time?

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