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How To Build Up The Customer Service Of Your Business

Customer service is about having the right people to work in your team and providing them the proper tools to reach the customer in a satisfying way. Today, we see all aspects of how to provide killing customer support and add value to your brand.

What you are looking for from the agents?

Customer service begins with the people who will respond to customers’ questions and people who will go out there to promote the product. The tool you need for the personality of the agent is called emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence has five aspects that relate to the most. It starts with self-awareness where the individuals understand themselves; their mood, their feelings, and their motivation. It is crucial to get confidence and a vivid sense of humor. Think about it as something that will help your agent start moving.

Then we have self-regulation which refers to people’s ability to control their behavior once they understand how they feel. People who have this characteristic are often trustworthy and open to new experiences and changes in their surrounding environment. Customer service agents have to adjust easily and this is why this is important.

At the point where the basis is accomplished we move further on to the internal motivation the subject holds. It is the inner passion that will give them the strength to move on, try-hard, stay positive even when they fail, and become committed to a purpose that they serve developing their organizational skills until they succeed in their goal. Working with goals helps workers stay focused and be productive.

Emotional intelligence would be nothing if people could not realize how they have to react depending on other people’s feelings. Empathy is what makes us capable of understanding how others feel and adjust our attitude to make them feel happy. In this case, people can embrace all cultures and treat them with respect. These agents are also valuable because they realize how to be polite.

The umbrella that holds emotional intelligence together is the existence of social skills. At this point, you will meet leaders; people who can be persuasive and make teams follow them. They are not only able to accept others but they can also influence them and point in the desired direction. Especially, if an agent has responsibilities regarding sales the social skills are the pillar that will drive the customer to complete a purchase.

Chatbots Omni channels and mapping the customer journey

Chatbots will provide the customers three basic things to improve their experience without having to pay too many employees. First of all, they provide a 24×7 service. Especially, if you have customers from other countries with different time zones it is vital to be able to offer some answers at a reasonable pace. In fact, with chatbots, you achieve immediate response which is also crucial. Last but not least, the fact that chatbots send personalized messages asking customers the right questions to give proper answers is awesome.

The next step would be to follow an omnichannel support strategy. The idea here is simple. Customers use a variety of channels and social media. In order to reply to each one from a separate ”place” on the web, you have to spend a lot of time. The strategy you will develop will allow you to unify customer conversations and keep them in one place. Companies that use this strategy retain 89% of their customers. Guess what the percentage is for those who don’t. 33%, right less than half of the customers!

In addition, serious businesses always try to map their customers’ journey. Why is that? Well, they see what type of assistance the clients need and offer the proper answers depending on each customer’s personality.

They see which channels customers prefer and pick them to address them. For example, if your potential client likes live chat you know where to find them and how it is possible for them to get your message. But the best part is that you can get feedback. All the evolution of the product and the service comes from customers’ opinions and this is why you always need to make it a priority.

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