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Challenges For The Marketing Team – The Responsibilities Of The Marketing Department

The marketing departments in every company have a crucial role since they often have to stand in between other departments such as the sales department, etc. What does marketing mainly have to focus on?

Let’s have a look.

  1. Calculation of the ROI
    Contrary to what many people may think the finances department is not responsible to calculate the Return Of Investment for the company. People in marketing will have to calculate the ROI for their department on their own. They get to decide where they will spend their money for the next year and where they should invest. The ROI always has to be positive and the higher it is the better for the company. The marketing team has to evaluate all the parameters to figure out how to stay profitable.
  2. Communication between departments is essential for everyone
    Each company’s goal is to maximize profits and minimize expenses. Every department is acting as the different parts of our bodies which may complete different tasks but they all act for the benefit of the whole body as a unity. Even when we don’t realize it our body is in constant communication within itself. This is exactly what a company does too. Every department including marketing has to communicate with the other departments to make sure they are all on the same page.
  3. Check market trends
    Apart from the competition, customers are always a priority. Their tendency on certain products will reveal the overall trend of the market. Do they focus on sustainable products? Are they going for luxury? Do they want to combine both? What they are looking for is always the big question. This is where opportunities arise and this is what successful companies have to find out first. They may not be the ones who will directly communicate with the customers but they are the ones who have to know their needs.
  4. Screens the competition
    Supply and demand are the number one rules people have to think about when they try to sell something. Marketing has to track down the market. Check what the competitors offer and how they promote it. At the same time, they have to see how the market responds to competitive products and marketing. This is a valuable lesson for the company since without investing any sources they can learn from others’ failures and avoid making the same mistakes. In the meanwhile, they will not go ahead and provide something that already exists in the exact same way. They will figure out how to differentiate and become competitive.
  5. Communicate the values of the brand
    Marketing departments need to have a clear understanding of what the company sells, what others sell, who they sell to, and how they sell. Each company has to develop a value behind the brand that will let customers understand and trust the product. People who work in the department have to figure out a clear and clever way to pass the message to the customers. As one of the inspiring aspects of the jobs, promoting the value is left for the creative minds of the company to deal with.
  6. Find the right tools
    A less creative but very important part of the job is to have the right tools to work with. Software is what will provide you the essential way-out to solve a series of problems. From how to predict the right moves to setting a killing marketing strategy, to having an estimation of customer’s feedback, and translate this in numbers. The proper product management tools and marketing automation tools will be necessary and save you a lot of time.
  7. Sets the strategy on marketing
    The department of marketing is a very creative one. Like chess players, they have to develop a strategy regarding the promotion of the product the company sells. At this point, the team has to combine their knowledge about customers, competitors, and the initial goals of the company.
    They need to know how much product the company is available to sell. Most of the time, the problem is to find customers willing to pay, however, ideally, you don’t want to be left out of inventory. This is why you have to promote in order to sell out but only up to the point that you will be able to quickly buy the next order.

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