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Why Europe Is Traditionally Dominant

Europeans often brag about their long history and how sophisticated they’ve become due to their constant existence over the territory.

The continent of America took its name under the explorer Americo Vespucci. Americo Vespucci explored the unknown land and managed to give us an idea of how this would look like on a map.

Even though Christopher Colombus was the first to discover the exotic land history did not make him equally famous. However, the country of Columbia, reminds us that Columbus was the first one to set his foot there. But why was Columbus so underestimated? The reason is that Columbus died believing that this new land was nothing else but India. This is why white men called the native Americans, ”Indians” thinking they were the native population of India. At this point, Columbus’s quest is considered to be the first successful attempt on the behalf of Europeans to set foot in the place which after a few years would prove to be one of the most powerful areas in the world.

At the moment Portugal was a huge competitor of Spain since they were neighbors due to their geographical position. Portuguese had managed to spread up to India and develop trading activities with the locals there. Spain had to come into the game. Going to India from the land would cause serious issues since they would have to deal with the Portuguese army which was already there, in many places. So, Christopher went to Queen Isabella of Spain and suggested approaching India from the sea and asked her to give him three boats to approach India and open the road for trading through the sea. Not knowing that a whole continent was dividing the ocean between West Europe and East Asia, Columbus thought that if he went straight ahead he would step into India. As the boats traveled on the sea and the land appeared on the horizon they were happy to reach what they thought to be India at that point. Since they had never been to India before, once they stepped out of the boats they assumed this is what India looks like and were convinced they were finally there.

How did Europeans dominate over Native Americans?

Contrary to what most people think, natives were defeated not only by the modern weapons of the Europeans but mostly because Europeans carried viruses that were unknown to the local population. The bodies of the European population who lived for many years in the particular climate, were used to these viruses and had adapted to them. For natives, the viruses had a completely different effect. They rapidly spread over the population leading thousands of people to death.

The most interesting part lies in the fact that Europeans were technologically more developed compared to Americans. Right, this is how they won the war, but why was their civilization more advanced in the first place?

The mild climate appears a little further from the equator. At the equator, the temperature is too high. At the same time, the weather at the poles is too cold. The best area for humans to live in between these zones where the temperature is ideal. In the areas where the climate is mild, the land is fertile and the environment is very hospitable for humans to evolve.

In the place where today’s Europe and Asia extend, a huge area of land covers this zone. In America things are different. The most friendly climate appears to be in the area of Central America where only a narrow piece of land exists. The population in this area could not move a long way to the North or South because they would meet too much cold or too much warmth. The same thing happens for Europeans and Asians. However, Americans can not move horizontally either because the land there is too narrow. Practically, they would have no other place to go. On the side of the world though, the land was broad allowing the human population to grow and find better opportunities to thrive. This is according to scientists the reason why European civilization was superior compared to the civilization of Native Americans from a technological standpoint. This is after all how they managed to dominate and take advantage of the territories and how history evolved the way we know it today!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Success and Leadership - Why Europe Is Traditionally Dominant
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