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Top 5 Jobs That Allow Traveling

Traveling is quite easy nowadays and for some people, it has even turned into an obsession. It is those people who seek to find opportunities to travel. Being forced by your job to do trips is a paradise for many fellows. At younger ages, it is also easier to follow this lifestyle since it is less probable to be committed to family obligations, such as child-raising. What if someone told you you can include a journey in your working hours. Depending on your personality different types of work may be suitable for you. In all cases, one thing is for sure, you are currently an adventurous and independent person who might lose interest relatively quickly.

For all of you, here are some of our best proposals on how to turn your dream into reality.

  1. Pilots and Captains
    Everyone who works in transportation can assure a life full of travels and adventure. However, those who are in control of the whole vehicle are expected to have the highest salary and enjoy plenty of benefits. Pilots and captains carry a great deal of prestige also being those who give instructions to their inferiors. Obtaining a diploma that will allow you to do such a job is not easy. Pilots are often tested to reassure they do not drink or consume any illegal substances. Your vision should also be in excellent condition. Captains, on the other hand, have to work a few years on boats to get promoted. Companies will not trust their fortune in the hands of people who have not proven their skills and professionalism.
  2. Travel Agents and Tour Guides
    These two professions are associated with tourism and therefore travel. Travel agents are often asked to visit counties that agencies include in their list. A travel agent will go to that place, get in touch with hotel owners and other agencies that promote touristic activities for the visitors, and communicate with them on behalf of the agency. At the same time, tour guides usually accompany travelers on their journeys and show them the cultural and historical treasures of the foreign country, explaining all the wonderful details that excite the adventurous audience. The nice part about tour guides is that they have the fun part of the experience and they worry less about organization and logistics.
  3. Language teachers
    People who are familiar with certain languages are common to work in foreign countries to spread the light of knowledge to other civilizations. They can be native speakers of a particular language or they might have studied it in college. In both cases, they make a perfect example for people who like to travel. Especially, English teachers are in great demand nowadays. China, has actually, opened several positions for them in an attempt to bring little Chinese kids in touch with the international language. Eastern countries became modern and language is the next barrier they have to overcome to understand the West culture.
  4. Authors and Writers
    Writing a book, or certain parts of a magazine is something that can be done remotely. Therefore, people who work in such professions are blessed with the choice of their living place. Reporters can also be as lucky because many times they have to cover events that happen far from their home-base. Photographers may also follow the same steps, yet this is not a rule in their case either. Authors can also be inspired by traveling and the experience can act as a vital factor in the outcome of their work. Besides what a better way to open your mind than traveling? And having an open mind is crucial for a writer.
  5. International aid workers
    This includes doctors and workers who want to offer their services to humanity. Understanding the results of poverty to the population of some countries our fellow men throw themselves in the fight of aid organizations. In the meanwhile, they have the chance to see how people in these countries leave far from the tourist spots. What conditions do they have to face to survive and what can the expectations from their lives be? In most cases, African countries are being offered this kind of help. Their culture is far from the western culture and experiencing life with them can be a real open minder; a characteristic that we so much miss and adore.

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