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Top 5 Destinations To See The Polar Lights

Some people love shopping, some people love museums, and some people love nature. This breathtaking phenomenon takes place in both the North and South Pole; however, the South Pole is rather hard to visit due to its unique geography. The North Pole, on the other hand, is more accessible by land, and organizing a trip to see the northern lights is not hard. The South Pole provides fewer options, but still, we will refer to some destinations there for those who live in the southern hemisphere. The view of polar lights is captivating, as it is a phenomenon that takes place in the sky. However, this is not visible from any area of the world or any time of the year. Even if you pick the right place and choose the proposed dates, it is not sure you will have the chance to observe the polar lights. Therefore, keep in mind that it is a good idea to combine your vacation with other activities so you are not left high and dry. Covid-19 restrictions create some problems with transportation, but this is not going to last forever. The vaccine has already been applied to doctors and citizens of various countries, and many scientific teams work on that to further improve its beneficial effects. The good thing is that depending on where you choose to go for the observation of aurora borealis, another name for polar lights, the time of the year you should go varies. This practically means that you can even go in summer when vaccines are expected to have been improved.

Ready to discover your option on the trip to paradise? Let’s go!         

  1. Australia and New Zealand
    Starting with the southern lights that can only be observed in two places, we recommend New Zealand and Australia. Due to the area of observation, the lights here are known under the name ”aurora australis.” The beautiful islands of the Pacific Ocean provide their visitors with all kinds of excitement. Especially if you live in Australia, or if you are about to visit, Tasmania is the best place to go for a magnificent observation. The good thing about southern lights is that they are visible all year long. If you want to increase your possibilities of bumping into the phenomenon, a good suggestion would be to go near equinoxes, when days and nights last the same amount of time.
  2. Iceland
    From late August to early April, Iceland is waiting for the excited visitors who wait to discover its winter beauty. Iceland is a lovely isolated island in North Europe and the birthplace of Bjork, the famous musician, and singer. Its cold sceneries seem to have worked as an inspiration to her and other artists. A visit there will underline the importance of quietness and awareness in some cases. Kirkjufell mountain on the west coast is probably your best option, even though the Grotta Lighthouse is also a popular viewing spot.
  3. Alaska
    Alaska is the northern state of the United States and for the Americans who don’t want to travel beyond the borders of their country Fairbanks in Alaska is a terrific choice. The place is in the Denali National Park. As with most things in the US, it is perfectly organized with tours, while there is a constant update regarding the meteorological conditions. Same dates as Iceland apply for tourists who are eager to see the mysterious lights.
  4. Canada
    Canada is famous for its northern lights; due to the low light pollution, the phenomenon is not bothered by any human activity. Yellowknife is the only city in the Northwest Territories in Canada, and it is on the northern shore of Great Slave Lake. There you can pay a visit to the Aurora Village, which is primarily organized with activities suitable for nature seekers. There and at Jasper National Park, you can go from Mid-August to late April. You can also view the aurora borealis from Wood Buffalo from the beginning of August till the beginning of May.
  5. Scandinavia
    Last but not least, we cannot exclude any of the Scandinavian countries, all of which are the most favorable for Europeans. Norway is the queen of all Scandinavian countries with high temperatures compared to its northern latitude. The village of Ersfjordbotn, near Tromso and the Lofoten Islands are both accessible from 15th of September to the end of March.

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